5 tips to get more out of your Samsung Crystal UHD TV

by Kelvin

The Samsung Crystal UHD lineup TVs bring some tricks beyond the beautiful design and picture quality; check out our tips and get more out of yours!

The TV line Samsung Crystal UHD has been successful for uniting beautiful design and image quality. What newer TV owners in the lineup may not know, however, is that the models still bring high connectivity and intelligence. Currently divided between models TU7000, TU7020 and TU8000, the line has sizes ranging from 43 to 82″, and all come with HDR10+, Dolby Digital audio, Bluetooth connection, easy mirroring with Samsung cell phones and the Crystal UHD processor – which even named the line.

According to Samsung, this processor is capable of making a upscaling on the displayed content, improving the image brightness and colors, but especially the definition: if the displayed content is not 4K, the TV will make an effort to improve the resolution, reaching a result close to a native 4K content. In the article you see below, we’ve gathered more features from the lineup TVs so you can get the most out of your new Samsung Crystal UHD.


Tap View

Have you ever thought about sharing your smartphone screen with the TV via a touch? well, with the Tap View, it is possible. The feature is present on all Crystal UHD line TVs and only requires configuration on first use. To enable it, however, you will need to install SmartThings app on an Android tablet or smartphone. If you already have the app, it’s important to check if it’s up to date.

Samsung does not mention if the function is available for those who have iPhone or iPad, however, given that there is a version of SmartThings for iOS, it doesn’t hurt to try. After installing the app, open it and activate the Tap View function. Then bring the smartphone closer to the TV edge and proceed with the instructions on the mobile screen. In this first connection, you will need to authorize screen sharing on your device – in other times, the mirroring will occur whenever you pull over the device on the edge of the TV.

If the TV doesn’t recognize your smartphone, it’s worth checking that you’re touching it in the correct place (try the corners and the center of the TV, where the Samsung logo is). Another interesting tip is to make sure the NFC on your smartphone is enabled as it is required for pairing.

Photo Environment Mode

As the name already indicates, the Photo Environment Mode is a kind of ambient mode, that is, it displays images and animations when the TV is at rest. The “photo” part, however, is due to the fact that you can choose a series of photos from your smartphone to be displayed. Samsung points out that the function can be useful both for everyday life, as a way to decorate your room, as well as on special occasions, for the presentation of slideshows.

As in the case of Tap View, it is necessary to install the SmartThings to use Photo Environment Mode. Once it is installed, however, just open the app on your smartphone and search for “Environment Mode”. The option to display photos from your smartphone should appear within the Environment Mode settings.

Soundbar T550: the perfect complement

Promotional image soundbar samsung t550

What would a perfect picture be without perfect audio? Well, if you’ve used your new TV, you may have noticed that the audio is quite competent, but nothing is so good that it can’t improve: to complement the sound of the Samsung Crystal UHD, the manufacturer recommends the T550 soundbar, released in 2020 along with the TVs. Like the TU8000 TV, the peripheral is capable of detecting the connection of consoles and, once connected, activates the Game Pro Mode function, which optimizes the audio equalization for games.

In addition to the gaming function, the T550 soundbar brings the standard audio Dolby Virtual: X, which promises to create a three-dimensional surround experience without the need for extra speakers. Considering that the line TVs and the soundbar have bluetooth, the connection is fast, easy and no wires – even the subwoofer it only requires a power cord, the company highlights. To enjoy the best sound at home, the Samsung T550 soundbar can be found at Submarino for R$1,333.

Game Mode


Samsung Crystal UHD’s top-of-the-line model has a special feature for the gamers, O Game Mode. Thanks to the feature, according to Korean, the TV automatically recognizes when a console is connected and optimizes the color settings, preserving the details of scenes that are too dark or too bright. In addition to improving the look, the function also decreases the response time of TV – which makes gaming more responsive and gives you a real edge in those titles where every millisecond makes a difference.

Samsung doesn’t mention Game Mode in the TU7000 and TU7020 TVs datasheet, leading us to believe that it is only present in the most expensive model, the TU8000.

Bixby and other personal assistants


“Alexa, is it going to rain today?”, “Hi Bixby, turn up the TV volume please” – another special feature of the TU8000 model, and perhaps the coolest of all, is the support for different personal assistants. Besides the Alexa, the personal assistant of Amazon that integrates with the company’s services and brings Echo devices to life, the top-of-the-line Samsung Crystal UHD also brings the Bixby in Portuguese. Samsung’s Virtual Assistant is ideal for those who use other branded products, such as smartphones or tablets.

On its website, Samsung explains that, “to activate Bixby in Portuguese, just go to the settings menu, click ‘General’, then ‘Voice’ and finally ‘Bixby Voice Settings’, where it will be possible to choose the Portuguese language”. From there, you can ask the TV to turn up the volume and change the channel, among other functions, just with the voice. If you have another Samsung device with Bixby, you can still integrate its commands and the TV, controlling it from wherever you are and creating automatic routines.

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Information from: Samsung

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