We do not know what they have this type of game, but they hook. And there is no choice but to move forward when testing mechanical titles such as Rocket Sky! In it we are summoned to manage the launch and flight of a space rocket. For this we have to control the investment and the different aspects of it: from the fuel level, to the management of the engine heat to prevent it from exploding. All this always trying to make the longest (or highest) trip to get more money with which to improve the characteristics of the rocket. Always up. Always going further. Of course, for this you will have to carry out several launches. If you are intrigued to know what is in outer space, Follow these tips to move faster in Rocket Sky!


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Seeing ads helps you grow fast

We know, it is not the most comfortable or the most pleasant of Rocket Sky! And even less when advertising populates the application beyond what a normal game should support. But there is no doubt that by 30 seconds of announcement worth doubling the dollar amount We can win by launch. It is faster than making several consecutive launches and skipping the small ads that are shown after each one of them. So yes, if your intention is to earn extras and multiply profits, you will have to swallow a few long ads. To the taste of the consumer.

rocket sky!

Invest in earnings later

The skin is the skin, and in Rocket Sky! It is what will make you improve the conditions and characteristics of your rocket to go further and further. So, if you want to invest in something profitable, do it in the collection. Of course, our recommendation is that you do it later in your game, when you have already improved other features of the ship. This will make you repeat pitches with the same distance. But every time you will have more profits. It is a good strategy to collect in the medium and long term. Of course, the game tends to balance. That is, it will be increasingly expensive to improve profits, and you will need other improvements to overcome those numbers. But if you have some money saved, you better invest in earning more money.

Speed ​​vs warm up

There are many launches in which the margin for improvement will be minimal. There is no special trick to always improve yourself and earn much more money. But what you can do is play with the ship's flight controls. In this way, even if you make several launches with the same characteristics, you can try to overcome your brand and add a few extra dollars to the earnings. How? With much skill, patience and short touches on screen. The key is not to lose too much thrust or speed, always taking into account the level of engine warming to avoid explosions. So give short presses, faster and faster, to overcome your own goals and get an extra pinch with which to improve the ship.

rocket sky tricks

For more height improves speed and fuel

The equations in Rocket Sky! They are clear. To achieve a greater height, both the speed and the fuel of the ship must be improved. So, in the initial stage it is necessary to improve these two concepts. Keep in mind that profits are more expensive to improve, so you better make money going further during the first releases.

Play without ads

There is a problem with this game. If you want to improve quickly you have to see ads to multiply your profits by launches. But seeing ads does not like anyone. And, although it is the fastest formula to grow, it is not the only one. If we eliminate all the publicity of the game we will lose less time between launches. But how to do it without spending real money? Easy: activating airplane mode before entering the game. This way the ads are not loaded and you can play without any interruption.