Soccer moves passions. But if you are interested in a much more casual, fun and carefree shooting game, Cool Goal is your game. It is not serious, and certainly does not respect the rules of football or any special regulations. Just have fun kicking the door with effect, or avoiding all kinds of obstacles. It's not complicated, but if you want to succeed and get tired of scoring goals, here we have prepared you a guide with 5 tricks for you to enjoy it to the fullest.


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Shots with effect, you better trick

It is the key to this game. The shots with effect. The more crazy they seem, the more fun and successful they will be. Obviously you will only have to knock on the door with effect when the straightest path is obstructed. Either for defenses or for objects that can stop your shot. When you don't see a clear straight shot try using the shots with effect. The game itself will raise these shots on some levels marking the way. But when you are not sure we recommend that you use this type of shooting.

Cool Goal!

Aim at the moving goalie

It's not usual, but some Cool Goal doors! You can count on a goalkeeper. And what is worse, a moving goalkeeper. Well, we have discovered a trick to save this protection: shoot the goalkeeper. If it is moving, and there is some distance between our player and the goal, our recommendation is that you shoot the goalkeeper. The timing depends mostly on the distance, but we already tell you that surely the ball enters through the gap left by the goalkeeper when moving.

Collect twice as many coins

Bonus levels are important. And it is the fastest way to get a good amount of coins. Of course, we must be intelligent and careful in these levels to drag the largest number of coins with our shots. What we have discovered in our games is that you must shoot between the rows of coins. And it is that the ball collects all the coins of the space that is right next to it. So, instead of firing at a row of coins, shoot the space between them to collect those on both sides. You will get twice as many coins.

cool goal tricks

Don't be afraid to hit the obstacles

On some levels of Cool Goal! You will have to pass over different obstacles. Don't be afraid to shoot them hard. Some like snowmen will not stop your ball. So you can use them to score even. All you have to keep in mind is that they can change the direction of the shot. Defenses, however, do tend to slow your shot. Of course, you can take advantage of them if they are close to the goal to score a rebound goal. Our recommendation is that you avoid defenses and don't pay too much attention to destructible obstacles. Of course, if you want to have fun do not hesitate to shoot defenses on objects.

Avoid advertising

There is a way to avoid advertising between games and level repetitions: use airplane mode. Of course, you have to activate it before entering Cool Goal! This way you will prevent the game from loading advertisements of any kind. You can play without interruption and without having to pay for the way you avoid advertising. Of course, in return, you will be left without receiving messages and calls, and without the rest of your mobile services that require an Internet connection. But everything has a cost.