What is more about summer than a water park? Well, a mobile game of water slides that you can enjoy without an Internet connection. The proposal of Aquapark.io is fresh, striking and engaging. Although it is the typical game that you end up uninstalling a few days later, it can save your most boring pool times, or your heaviest movements. But beware, what addiction. To make the most of it we have prepared 5 tricks for you. Do not miss them.


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1. The slide is just a suggestion

Surely after a couple of games you have noticed that the slide is completely accessory. Yes, you are supposed to slide through it to the pool, but you can also skip large sections to cut time and distance. Well, do it.

Try to do small jumps recognition first to calculate a giant jump well. In this way you will cut risks when skipping large sections or jumping directly into the pool. Of course, keep in mind that winning a race does not necessarily mean getting more money.

slide aquapark.io

2. The hang glider as a definitive shortcut

And if the slide has left you crazy or crazy, look at the elements that appear in the mapping. Among them is the Delta wing, a tool that allows you to move more time through the air without plummeting against the ground.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of it to approach the pool in a straight line. Or to the section of the slide closest to it. It is the key to success guaranteed to finish the race first. You will also receive a few extra coins for using it. Yes, does not appear in all races, or not always available. But take advantage of it whenever you see it.

3. How to get more coins

Now if you main objective is to get coins to buy skins of all kinds and to modify the appearance of your character, arriving first is not your main mission. Instead, constantly jumping down the slide will cause your coin counter to fire. So, in this case, going over a slide with less skips will take you to this goal.

But it is not the only thing you can do. You can also take advantage of the rest of the players by hitting them on the side. In this way the game rewards you with kills or murders (although this makes the other players jump and take advantage of a shortcut), or what is the same, with extra coins.

4. How to avoid abusive advertising

As with the rest of Voodoo games, advertising is more than present. A component with which its creators and distributors earn money, but that can hinder the gaming experience. In this situation you can do two things: or pay to eliminate advertising or play in airplane mode.

If you activate airplane mode before starting Aquapark.io you can play all the games you want without having to see ads of any kind. Of course, in return, you will lose notifications, incoming messages and calls and other content. But everything has a cost.


5. Do not let them collect your data

It also happens with other Voodoo games and other publishers and creators of games and applications: their real business is to collect data from your mobile and activity to sell it to other companies. The good thing is that the law of GPRD privacy allows each user to control what data they share.

Therefore, if we go to the game settings and click on the icon on the left we will see everything Voodoo can collect or see from us. And, using the buttons we can deactivate it. Of course, the game will show you an alert or double confirmation screen. Do not hesitate to click on the option I understand and confirm to make your position clear and enjoy the game with your privacy intact.