Confess it! you have also reached this game thanks to the publicity of Instagram or other games that you downloaded this summer. We will not judge you for it. We have also spent a few hours trying to discover its secrets and tricks. And the more levels you spend, the farther you want to go and the more somersaults you want to take. But it is of little use if you get stuck on a level. Or if you want to win all the coins to win that skin that is putting you eyes in the store. So here we give you 5 keys with which to move forward and make the Flip Dunk game experience something really comfortable and fun.


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Avoid abusive advertising

We know that advertising pays the creators and publishers of this game. But it is one thing to see an ad every several levels and another thing is to cut the roll when you are playing and you have stuck on one level. Therefore, or you pay about five euros to get the version without ads or follow this trick: play with airplane mode. Of course, you will have to activate it before getting into the game. This way no announcement will be sneaked during the game. So you can focus on what really matters: put baskets.

Flip Dunk tricks

They are not physical, it is a simple choreography

Think that each level has a different number of rewards depending on the somersaults you take in the air. Well, this is the biggest trick that the game itself will give you to pass each level. Before making the first jump, look at the achievements of the level. If the gold prize is 6 somersaults, You will know everything you have to do between trampolines, roofs or slides. It is a true choreography in which to link somersaults and obstacles. Generally, and with good luck, you will only do one more somersault in the levels. So you just have to calculate how many somersaults to take between the obstacles to reach the basket without problems and collecting the maximum coins, of course.

Don't take a risk, it's not worth it

It is very good that you exceed the number of somersaults. But you will only get a pat on the back of your own conscience. In Flip Dunk there are no extra bonuses if you give more somersaults than the maximum reward of each level. So the best thing you can do is not to risk, if your goal is to exceed the level. A misstep, a mistake, will only lead you to waste time and have to repeat the level. Of course, you can also get rare plays or fun accidents. But you better order your priorities if you want to advance in this title.


Surely you have run into some level where, after doing the corresponding number of laps, slide where you should, and bounce correctly on the trampoline in turn, you have stayed a few meters to make. How is it possible if the game measures the power of each jump automatically? Well, the issue is in the momentum. And is that somersaults tend to slow the progress of your character. However, do the Superman, that is, stretching in full flight, helps to get thrust or momentum. Of course, do it only when you are sure you have enough time or space for it. And always in full flight to get thrust and not end the game prematurely. With this you will arrive to the basket. You can do it between double somersaults.


Keep your privacy

Like other games edited by Voodoo, privacy policies are questioned, trying to get a good amount of data from your mobile in exchange for a free game. Luckily we have the European data protection law with which we can choose whether we want to share them or not. Head over the game settings and disable both indicators. It also confirms the action after seeing the warning signal. Don't worry, the gaming experience does not change. The only thing that varies is the transmission of some of your data, avoiding it for your security and privacy.