Clan wars remain a very important event in Clash Royale. In full 2019 the game has not changed much since its inception but these wars, between different groups, have marked a before and after. Wars encourage you to remain active on the platform and if your clan usually activates them constantly it is very common that you can remove a large number of cards from them, as well as numerous resources and a good amount of gold.


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However, clan wars are not always won and it is important to make progress. When a season ends the chest of those who win the war is loaded with a lot of gold and new cards. In the last places of the table the thing is quite different, because the chest comes quite empty and the booty is not enough after so much effort. Do you want to know how to win the clan wars? There are several secrets that might not have told you about these wars and they are important to be able to get the victory.

The keys to winning a clan war in Clash Royale

Let's start with the most important part, the clan. Choosing a clan is the more complicated decision that we are going to make in Clash Royale and it is important that you do it well but not only for them to share cards, but also so that you can win the clan wars and take the big booty.

Choose the clan correctly

Therefore, once in the clan election screen you will have to ponder this option well. Do not join any clan quickly, that is, you may have to go through different clans in search of a better one. Look closely at the statistics of the clan when you go to choose although this will not give you much idea of ​​how good that clan is in wars. Those clans that ask for requirements such as being active or always participating in clan wars are more likely to function better but nothing guarantees it.

Enter the clan and look at the conversations or wars of the clan that have recently started. Only those clans that start wars are constantly worth it since others do once in a while and participation is usually very low. Also notice that clan members participate in battles and on the day of collection. If the clan in which you are not working too well in this sense it is better that you leave in good ways (saying goodbye kindly) and that you look for another. It may take several days until you find a good clan to be part of but it will be worth it because you progress in Clash Royale will be much better.

Once inside, remember to encourage your teammates to participate in the war and even on the day of collection. Being participatory within the clan is one of the best ways for other members to be too.

Always participate in the day of collection

Always participate in the day of collection

Once you are in the right clan, remember that the day of collection is almost as important or more than the day of war, because the day of collection will help you have a good mallet with whom to face in war. Without some high-level cards and a good number of cards it will be very difficult to win the battles (unless you have the lucky father). That is why you must learn the ways of the day of collection well and improve your performance in them.

Remember that each new season, the collection day modes are changed. You can take a look at the decks recommended by websites like ours for different modes or even leave us a comment if there is any way in which you do not usually win. Surely we can help you improve your performance.

See if the deck you are using works well, and do not choose cards with low level

After the day of collection comes the turn of choosing the battle deck. Look at what your classmates are doing and what decks are they using. Remember that you can share the deck that you used on the day of war in the clan chat so that others can use it. If you have a mallet that works the best thing is to share it with the members of your clan and even explain how you usually use it. Remember that the deck is something very personal and corresponds to the type of game we like to use. However, there are several things that are important when you are going to form a mallet:

  • Do not choose those cards that have a very low level, although they are suitable for the mallet. Try to look only at cards of level 11, 10 or even 9 if there are no higher level. This will allow you to have some cards that can give war and not cards of level 6 or 7, although they are the indicated ones, which will mean a great failure.
  • It is also important that better the letters in a generalized way, since the cards you usually play with will not always be available in your deck. Remember that the level of the cards corresponds to the level you have in your usual cards. Sometimes you will have to improve a card in order to use a deck that is competitive.

See if the mallet you are using works well for you

Make sure you have a good connection before playing

Ready the deck, and with good cards, remember to make sure you have a good connection. If you have the classic line that goes very fair at home and that when someone connects usually fails, be careful. The best is that test the connection with a friendly game or even through a game in 2c2 mode which allows you to play without losing trophies. Once you make sure it is the right one, prepare for battle.

Apply everything you've learned in the game

Don't underestimate your rivals. Apply everything you've learned throughout these years in the game. As well as trying to help your clan friends so they can also win their battles. Sharing is vital, because in clan wars it is important for everyone to participate and win their battles or it will be very, very complicated that you can win the war.

If you have succeeded, congratulations. Remember that you will not win all wars but if you apply these tips you may your winning percentage is very high and that you can end the seasons with good bonuses. If you have no idea what decks to do, here are the best of 2019 for Clash Royale.

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