Voodoo games are doing August, and never better. They are games that sometimes do not even have melodies. Simple, with simple mechanics that come directly to do their job: entertain us for a few hours. You may not play Fun Race 3D for more than a week, but it will be really fun dead times. And this race title has more substance than it seems. Therefore, if you do not want to get stuck or are having difficulties to win races, we have prepared an article with 5 tricks that will help you a lot in this game.


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1. Forget the ads and wait for them

One of the usual problems of games of this type is advertising. It is the way in which the creators and publishers of the title are rewarded their work, getting income in exchange for our time and attention for such advertising. But when it appears constantly, race after race, it can ruin the experience of the game. The solution? Play in airplane mode.

If we activate the airplane mode before starting to play Fun Race 3D we will avoid all kinds of ads. Of course, in return, we will be left without receiving messages and notifications from other applications. The other alternative is to pay to eliminate advertising.

Fun Race 3D

2. Choreography with timing

Do not be fooled by the mobile elements of the race or by the opponents. In Fun Race 3D the only thing that matters is the times. Calculate, measure and memorize when and for how long you have to press the screen to run. If you get stuck in a race, this technique will help you overcome it after several attempts.

Be patient and measure the seconds between the obstacles. Count quietly if necessary to overcome each race stage by stage. Do not worry if you fail or lose. Once you know the times of each section you will only have to start all the choreography To be the first.

3. Forget the opponents

If you have tried to play in airplane mode you will have noticed that the rest of the players, who seem to be controlled by humans, continue to appear in the game. Something impossible if we have the Internet connection cut off. Well, even more reason not to put extra pressure on our games. They are bots, programmed, so forget about them.

A good tip is to choose a different color or design for your character. Something that makes it stand out from the rest. In this way, in the races with two other opponents you will help yourself not to be distracted by what others do. In fact, you should take a look at the top bar, which shows the progress of the race to know how far you leave the opponents. The less pressure, the more concentration on what really matters: the race.


4. Take advantage of the initial screen

If what you need is a small initial push in a race, don't hesitate to have a look at what's to come on the main screen of the game. If you look, the first obstacles of the next race are shown here. Enough to know what to do on that stretch.

Of course you will have to calculate the times taking into account the countdown to the start of the race. But it is always a help to try to get an initial advantage over the rest. Take advantage of every bit of information the game gives you to win.

5. Take the bonuses calmly

Fun Race 3D rewards only offer us coins to buy aspects for our character or celebration dances for when we win. But it is the most fun of all and one of the objectives of this entertainment after a few minutes. To get coins and buy everything you want you must win games and make the most of bonus levels.

Here the trick lies in take you all the time in the world. Study each obstacle and think carefully about the movements before making them. Time does not run against you and, if you manage to take your three characters to the end of the race you will have multiplied the amount of coins collected. So calmly and with good lyrics in the bonus levels.