5 video game properties that will make great movies

by Kelvin
5 video game properties that will make great movies 1

Since ancient times, cinema has found inspiration in the works of its half brother. Be it the 1925 film adaptation of The Phantom of The Opera by Gaston Leroux or Russos' celluloid companion for Marvel Comics of La Civil War. A particular segment of the media that has found little or no progress in terms of excellence in the film industry is the adaptation of video game films. The only really remarkable movie worth mentioning is the amazing Warcraft Duncan Jones movie that I enjoy, regardless of what the critics say. The latest attempt to bring the game's beloved cultural icon to the big screen, Sonic La Hedgehogs, was greeted with a warm reception by critics. Children's disorders to fill other spaces before the successful season become the center of attention. Personally, I don't think for a moment that there is a "curse" in the film adaptation of the video game.



Unlike cinema, video games can tell rich stories through the eyes of characters and interesting perspectives. Both media aim to create unique experiences through the craftsmanship of the audio and visual show. There can be a number of reasons why video games aren't so good, which the article itself deserves, but certainly not because of a lack of inspiring material resources. In fact, I'll prove it to you! This is a video game property that we believe will be the chosen candidate for the film adaptation.

1. Bioshock

Some arrogant, narrow-minded people argue that video games cannot tell meaningful stories, let alone bring deep and terrifying social commentary. Such a fool never brought a bathysphere under a deserted lighthouse to the underwater city of Rapture. Such fools have never seen the horror of the nightmares of rampant capitalism and the privatization that breaks out in the form of a socialite that becomes a greedy mutant. You probably haven't heard of Bioshock. The first game sees protagonist Jack, a man with a mysterious past who is drawn to the abandoned city of Rapture. Rapture was once a luxury paradise with neon lights featuring all the luxuries in the sun with minimal restrictions and regulations. Sodom and Gomorrah are hidden under the sea, which immediately turns into a hell that sinks below.

5 video game properties that will make great movies 2

Bioshock's premise has all the talent for high-budget, brilliant horror movies. There are so many things to learn about the Rapture before descending into madness and chaos. This movie can follow a family trying to get out of the city when Rapture transforms from an aristocratic utopia into a labyrinth of death filled with monsters and dangers. Horror directors like Jordan Peele and Ari Aster, who like to incorporate sociological elements and political messages into their films, will have absolute picnics with Bioshock. There are so many layers of Randian subtext in the game's narrative that it just asks to be explored, extrapolated, and led to a horrible life on the big screen.

2. Metro Series

Speaking of the potential of video game horror movies, there is a video game franchise that is underestimated with possibilities: Metro Series. Based on a series of popular Russian novels, these games focus on the destroyed and irradiated Moscow survivors. All of this happened after several thermonuclear wars left Russia in ruins. The survivors of this war now forged a small existence within the seemingly endless tunnel of the Metro train. The air above is full of radiation that can kill a person in minutes. Wildlife and mutant monsters roam the ground. Below there is nothing better with giant rats reaching the dark corners of the Metro. Human factions are at war with each other to rule the Metro. Welcome to the end of the world.

5 Video Game Properties That Will Make Great Movies 2There's one thing stuck in games like Metro 2033, and that's the atmosphere. Entering dark, all-black tunnels with torches and rifles is a terrible experience. I'm never completely sure what lurks in the corner. Just surface for a short period of time, don't let anything go wrong with you. Think of Neil Marshall's Descent, except that it's much more horrible and ambitious. The Metro 2033 movie will be an exciting journey from start to finish, especially if the movie was made along John Hillcoat's path. The Path A gloomy and gloomy vision of the future capable of arousing terror and despair.

3. The Ancient Scrolls

Some of you may remember back in 2011 when the world was introduced to one of the greatest RPGs in a generation. Someone who explores the world that looks as wide, terraced and as complex as our world. One inhabited by elves, humans, orcs, and even scared cats! Of course, I'm talking about The Elder Scrolls: The Legendary Skyrim. It should be noted that the game only occurred in one area in the Ancient Scrolls of Tamriel. There are entire continents waiting to be perfected with many epic stories to tell. I'm talking about the level and greatness of the Lord of the Rings here!

video game movieThe premise may seem scary to any filmmaker wondering where to start, but luckily there is a perfect narrative that already exists in the world. The story of Tiber Septim, or Talos. A complete trilogy can be done on how a person, blessed with the voice of a dragon, rises to unite the human kingdom against the tyranny of the fairy, or Mer. They can follow Tiber's journey from the deliverer to the human emperor and even divinity. Peter Jackson hasn't been getting up too much lately. Maybe it's time for him to clean his shoes and adapt another high-fantasy IP to a new generation of viewers.


4. Portal

If there's a thing known as the Portal Valve game, its different writing makes players laugh on the floor. A strong mix of black humor and absurd comedy. The portal's story is pretty easy: Chell, a human laboratory rat caught in a maze by A.I. The murderer. called GlaDOS. Throughout the game, the only way for Chell to overcome GlaDOS's increasingly difficult brain teasers is his wits and trusted pistols. If you successfully complete all the GlaDOS tests, you are likely to be rewarded with advice and the cake of sadness. Yes, I realize that sounds really crazy and really something independent studios like A24 or Blumhouse would think about. That is why the perfect studio will take ownership.

video game movie

Half the fun of Portal games is listening to GlaDOS's ridiculous and hilarious comments when you try to escape the facility. Therefore, the reliance on the treble game means it shouldn't be too difficult to do. I picture a director and writer like Martin McDonagh, the man behind black comedies like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, setting the tone and feel for the film. The only real challenge is organizing piece set actions around the game's physics portal and how they translate cinematically. Judging by current trends in the scope of CGI technology, I say it won't be too big of an issue.

5. Not honorable

Although it might not be as popular as other Bethesda games The fall 4 The Elder Scrolls series, Dishonored has earned lines in the stealth action genre. In addition to the awesome gameplay mechanism and endless creative abilities given to your character, Dishonored's top selling points are the world and the story. This game is in Empire of La Isles, a fictional steampunk version of the UK powered by the whale oil industry. It was a time of miracle and prosperity under the reign of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who was enlightened but is now degraded by nobles, wizards, and corrupt murderers. It is up to the bodyguard killer who becomes a killer, Corvo Attano, to correct past mistakes, in whatever way is necessary.

video game movie

No honor, in my opinion, is ripe for film adaptation. It has political intrigue, an interesting world full of mystery and secrets, interesting figures, and clear and focused stories to tell. I even have the perfect actor in mind to play the tough, quiet killer, Corvo, Keanu Reeves. Tell me you don't want to see the magical John Stabby and Stabby wandering the fictional steampunk rooftops of London? I challenge you The plot of this movie doesn't have to be followed with a narrative center of the game. As long as you respect the spirit of the original game and its characters.

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