5 Ways to Increase Your Writing Speed

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5 Ways to Increase Your Writing Speed 1

If you like most people, you spend much of the day typing on the keyboard, but you can be frustrated with the speed and accuracy of your typing. Fortunately, it's easy to increase your speed with a few simple tricks.

Here are five ways you can increase your typing speed.

1. Use the basics of good writing

If you don't already know, you should start with the basics. Get familiar with the keyboard layout and learn the basics of touch typing, such as where your hands are located and how to reach each key from the start row. If you regularly enter large amounts of data, it may be a good idea to learn the 10-key typing technique, which requires you to use the numeric keypad on the keyboard to practice.

Also, don't look at the keyboard when you type. This can be a difficult habit to break if you have learned to hunt and peck as you type. The need to come and go between the screen and the keyboard will limit how fast you type. If you want to maximize your typing speed, try learning to write by touch.

2. Learn relevant shortcuts

Each major operating system offers a number of useful shortcuts that allow you to perform operations such as cancel, copy, cut, and paste.

Learning these shortcuts can prevent you from reaching the mouse whenever you need to cancel or paste or send short text quickly.

3. Use typing games and tutorials

There are tons of typing games, programs, and tutorials available on the Internet, both paid and free, that can introduce you to basic typing concepts and help you learn various typing methods.

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4. Maintain your ergonomic working environment and posture

Spending a lot of time working on a computer can actually be very damaging to your body, especially your hands.

Increase typing speed on a colorful keyboard

When writing, be sure to follow tips that maintain an ergonomic body posture and work environment. Good posture and ergonomic typing settings can help you keep your typing speed higher for longer, and reduce the risk of accidental repetitive stress injuries while typing for extended periods of time.

5. Practice!

Like any skill, practice is perfect. Regularly learning new shortcuts, playing typing games, or using typing tools will help you increase your typing speed naturally over time. Research has found that the fastest typists are those who adopt the goal of deliberately practicing fast typing every day. While you may not practice every day, practicing as often as possible is the best way to speed up your writing.

Regular exercise will also give you a chance to practice typing basics and maintain your ergonomic posture, which can help you type faster and for longer.

How to increase the writing speed

Many of us spend a lot of time writing, which means that typing faster is very helpful. Fortunately, if you are not satisfied with your typing speed, there are several ways to improve it. Over time, you can improve your writing speed by learning the basics of good writing, forming good writing poses, and practicing regularly.

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