5G: Europe is already surrendered to Huawei technical solutions

by Kelvin
Huawei 5G Europa EUA soluções

Huawei is today the company that has the best and most mature 5G solutions for operators. Its implementation has started slowly, despite all the pressures and problems that have been raised.

To prove Huawei's position in this market, a study has now emerged that reveals adoption numbers and is clearly a reality. Europe is already undeniably surrendered to Huawei's technical solutions.


Huawei 5G Europe USA Solutions

5G will even reach Europe by the hand of Huawei

The 5G is here to stay and is almost a reality nowadays. The improvements it will bring to mobile networks are invariably certain and are already proven. The different manufacturers try to show everything the qualities of their solutions to choose from.

It is also well known that the Chinese giant is the best positioned manufacturer in this market with the most advanced solutions. This does not seem to be a comfortable position for many, as can be seen from the extremist positions that the US has taken in recent months.

Against all these blocking forces, Huawei continues to mainly tread its path and secure this position. This is seen in a chart now. introduced. In it, and reporting to the planet, is seen the company's position in the 5G market.

Huawei 5G Europe USA Solutions

US is against Chinese brand solutions

It is clear here Huawei's dominance in this new reality, especially in the European space. Almost 60% of 5G deployments in Europe are handled by the Chinese company. The major operators have chosen this company and have already confirmed their presence.

Interestingly, and again against all that can be seen on the map presented, only the US and Australia have not opted for Huawei solutions. Of course, the reasons are mainly associated with the rules against the Chinese brand that were applied.

This scenario and reality go against all the indications that the US has tried to instill. It also reveals that the initial fears were unfounded. After all the tests, Huawei's solution is certainly the best on the market.

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