5G: Telekom expects significantly higher data consumption

by Kelvin
5G: Telekom erwartet deutlich höheren Datenverbrauch

Picture: Deutsche Telekom

With today's launch of 5G in the network of Deutsche Telekom, the first tariffs with significantly higher download speeds for customers are available. The company expects significantly more data consumption than LTE.

In its first two 5G tariffs Deutsche Telekom offers up to 1 Gbit / s in the downlink and up to 100 Mbit / s in the uplink. That's what Dr. med. Dirk Wössner, responsible for sales, marketing and service of fixed and mobile products for private and business customers at Deutsche Telekom, confirmed on request to ComputerBase. Both tariffs are offered with unlimited data volume.


Magenta Mobile XL Special is designed with telephony, SMS and data as a tariff for smartphones and costs € 84.95 per month. As a pure data plan, Deutsche Telekom offers the tariff Magenta Mobil Speedbox XL for € 74.95 per month.

Unlimited customers currently with up to 80 GB

Due to the much higher speeds that are possible in the 5G network and the combination with unlimited fares, Deutsche Telekom expects customers to consume significantly more data than LTE and previous mobile standards have so far.

Michael Hagspihl, CEO Private Customers Telekom Deutschland GmbH, said at today's 5G press conference in Berlin that users of the unlimited LTE rate Magenta Mobile XL would consume about 70 GB per month on average, in a later conversation was even of 80 GB the speech. Across all rates of Deutsche Telekom away the average consumption is currently at about 3 GB per month, StreamOn users should be according to Hagspihl double, say 6 GB.

Downloads of movies and AR applications

Deutsche Telekom did not want to give up forecasts for data consumption with 5G, but it cited two application examples that could quickly drive up consumption. One of these is the short-term decided to download films and series shortly before getting into the plane. What is done so far in the WLAN, should now be handled with 5G. Deutsche Telekom showed on-site the download of an HD movie within a few seconds via the 5G network. Deutsche Telekom also sees potential for 5G in augmented reality. Stadiums with thousands of fans could experience various AR events parallel to the game.

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