5KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC

by Kelvin

5KPlayer for Mac and PC

If you've ever had to play a video on your computer, you've probably heard of VLC. Anyone who knows a little computer science will have told you that with that player you will not have any problem because you can use virtually any video format. But the problem with VLC is precisely that. That only plays and that when you want to do other things, such as downloading something from YouTube, you will need a different program. And that's where between 5KPlayer for Mac and PC.

5KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 8

5KPlayer is a free program developed by DearMob with which, in addition to playing videos and music, you can download the videos from your favorite video sites, listen to your favorite Internet radio stations and use the AirPlay function to stream your devices on the computer or on the television and enjoy on a large monitor or television of your favorite movie or music. It is available only in English, but it is so easy to use that you won't have any problem getting him in a few minutes.


5KPlayer the ultimate media player for your Mac and PC

When you start 5kPlayer a very simple but clear interface will welcome you On the main screen you will find everything 5KPlayer can do: play videos, music, play a physical DVD, listen to an Internet radio station, download videos from YouTube or any video site and use AirPlay to mirroring / duplicating from your mobile or iPad to the Mac or PC. In addition, an icon will be activated in the top bar of the Finder so that you can access the player at any time even if you are in another application.

Play a video

By clicking on the Video option, you will be asked to indicate where the video is stored on the computer. Virtually all formats are supported: MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, M2TS, AVI, WMV, FLV, and many more. If you have a format not supported by 5KPlayer, you can use MacX Video Converter Pro, a tool developed by the same company and you can download MacX Video Converter. When you choose the file you want to see, it will become part of the 5KPlayer file library and you can access it from the main screen by clicking on the Library button in the upper central part of the window.

5KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 95KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 10

One of the most interesting utilities of the video player is the one that will allow you rotate the video at 90º angles and watch the recorded videos vertically from a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad. You will find these buttons in the upper left of the playback screen. In the upper right you have the buttons to choose the language of the video if you have them and the subtitles, to activate or deactivate them. This option is very interesting if you are studying languages.

Play music and DVD

If you select the music option you must choose the songs you want to listen to. As in the case of video, virtually all music formats are available: MP3, ACC, AC3, WMA, FLAC and ALAC. When playing music I found a small mistake and it was that I did not count the seconds that the song took or gave the total song time. On the other hand, it would be very interesting if they added an equalizer with pre-configured types of music to optimally hear the music. Similarly, if you choose the DVD option, you can play a physical DVD from 5KPlayer.

Download a video

One of the great utilities of 5KPlayer is to download a video of the most used video banks on the Internet. You can download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook and much more until reaching a number close to 300 sites. Search for the video in the Internet browser, copy the link and paste it into 5KPlayer to analyze and download it. By default they will be downloaded in MP4 format but you can use whatever you want, either video format or music format to download only what you hear but not the image.

5KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 115KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 12

Mirroring with AirPlay

5KPlayer has an integrated utility to link the player with AirPlay directly and make it easier for you to show what you play on your iPhone or iPad, or what you are watching on your Mac or PC on a TV or on the Apple TV. At any time during the reproduction, be it video, music, etc. you can click on the AirPlay button in the upper right to activate this utility and do «mirroring».

Listen to internet radio

If you choose the Radio option, you can choose to listen to the radio of several presets. These stations are American so if you want to listen to a Spanish station, you must write the address of the station you want to listen to.

5KPlayer, use AirPlay to play music and video from your iPhone on your Mac or PC 13


5KPlayer is a great video and music player that, thanks to its additional tools such as downloading videos, will make it your favorite player. Thanks to large number of video and music formats it supports, you will not miss other better known players. That it is in English is not a big problem because the operation and operation of 5KPlayer is so intuitive that just by seeing the icons you will know how it works. Including AirPlay in the application is a success so that all the devices you have, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, can play any file on any device.

As paste already indicated, the erratic operation of the time in the reproduction of the music and the non-existence of an equalizer with which to be able to customize more the type of sound that we want for a specific type of music.

Download 5KPlayer for Mac and PC

If you don't have this application on your Mac or PC yet, you can download and install it through the direct download link below.

Download 5KPlayer for Mac and Windows

5KPlayer, the player that allows you to use AirPlay with Mac and Windows It is available for free.

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