6 Application to help protect your iPhone or iPad data

by Kelvin

Do you fear that someone may access your phone and get your files and images? Add extra layer of security with this app. PCMag reviews the products independently, but we can earn affiliate commissions by buying the links on this page. Terms of use.

You may also have secured your iPhone or iPad with a Touch ID or Face ID access code. But you are still concerned that the wrong person can access photos, videos, files, and other personal information. What can you do


A number Apple The App Store application can block access to certain personal data in a virtual space: protect photos, videos and other confidential files with a password, PIN or other security measures.

First, you need to make sure you have protected your iPhone or iPad with an access code. Then activate Touch ID or Face ID on compatible iOS devices. Done Well, that is your first line of defense. Now, let's examine some of the applications that can keep your personal data.

  • photo closet

    Photo Vault is designed to protect your photos and videos. First compile a numeric master password to protect your content before creating one or more albums to protect selected photos and videos. Then import each item in the secure album from your device's library, your camera, or your computer. You can download photos online through the default browser, sort imported photos and videos, search for details by name, and view slides.

    You can also delete, move and copy photos and videos in your safe, and view and access protected photos and videos from your computer via Wi-Fi or a USB connection. And you can backup secure data to iCloud. Finally, you can better protect your content by choosing the folder password, gesture password, and Touch ID or Face ID.

    Free basic app; The ad-free version with unlimited storage costs $ 299.

  • 6 Application to help protect your data from iPhone or iPad 3

    Ticket office

    With Locker, you can protect photos, videos, notes, files and applications. First create a PIN to secure your storage (although I can also use Face ID on my iPhone X). You can then add existing photos or videos from your library, or take and store new ones. Some devices also allow you to choose certain apps to hide so that no one else can see them on the home screen.

    Locker's non-premium flavor is restricted to hiding or securing only three apps, three photos, and three videos. It also eliminates secure note and file storage and cloud storage. At $ 1,999 per month or $ 9,999 for lifetime use, the Premium Edition lets you hide an unlimited number of photos, videos, apps, notes and files, and kicks in secure cloud storage.

  • 6 Application to help protect your data from iPhone or iPad 4

    KYMS Secret Photo

    This application can hide and encrypt various data, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, tasks and passwords. Using Secret Photos, you first create a PIN and then you are asked to set an alphanumeric password for an additional level of security.

    Once you are in the app, you can choose what type of content will be protected. Photos and videos from the library, camera and iTunes can be added. You can add passwords and sensitive information, browse the Internet securely, and replace the alphanumeric password Touch ID or Face ID

    The free version offers secure storage for certain data, such as photos, videos, and a password. At $ 199, the paid edition lets you import existing contacts, make a personal to-do list, store credit cards and other cards securely, record and encrypt audio recordings, and scan and protect all types of paper documents.

  • 6 Application to help protect your data from iPhone or iPad 5

    Private photo warehouse

    Private Photo Vault is another application designed to protect your photos and videos in a safe. Your first task is to create an access code to protect your content. Then you are presented with the main album you choose to start importing your photos from your library or camera.

    You can create additional albums for more photos and videos, browse photos on the web through the default browser, and then download them to one of your albums. On the Settings screen, you can change the password and choose to use it. Touch ID or Face ID instead of code.

    Free basic version. For $ 4,999, pro edition kicks unlimited photo albums, removes all ads, includes pattern lock options, and lets you transfer photos wirelessly.

  • 6 Application to help protect your data from iPhone or iPad 6

    Secret calculator

    Secret Calculator is a $ 1,999 app disguised as a calculator feature. Hidden behind him are his safe albums and files. A password code is created first, then enter followed by the percent symbol each time you want to unlock the app. Touch ID Also an option to enter.

    This app offers a default photo album, although you can also create your own albums, and all photos can be sorted by date. Just select the album and then add the photos you want to protect. You can import photos from your library, your camera, clipboard, iTunes and other devices via Wi-Fi.

  • 6 Application to help protect your data from iPhone or iPad 7

    The best secret folder

    Top Secret Folder offers some traditional safe deposit box twists, at least if you choose the paid version. As always, it starts by creating an access code to protect your content. You will then be taken to the image vault where you can create an album to safely store photos, videos and notes. You can add photos and videos, either from your library or by taking them with your camera, then copy, share, export, rename, delete and move your content.

    The free edition is limited to 25 photos and 11 video (although you can see ads to increase that limit) and exclude some of the app's coolant features. At $ 1499 per year (with 7 day trials free), you can grab the premium edition, which gives you unlimited storage, removes all ads, supports ID Face can show dummy opening screen, and will take photo of someone trying to access to the application without the appropriate access code.

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