60% of children who play Fortnite they don't have the recommended age

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The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and the University of Lleida (UdL) carried out a study that revealed that 60% of children who play Fortnite They do not reach the recommended age, which is 12 years in Europe. The study, which was based on 561 children between 8 and 11 years old in Catalan and Canary schools, also found that respondents play two hours or more on the days they play Fortnite.

The UOC professor and co-author of the study, Joan Arnedo, explains that the recommended age of the game is based on the “mild violence” it contains and the “constant incitement to consume and buy”.

"In essence, Fortnite it is nothing more than the computerized version of the play and stop game of a lifetime, which has always attracted all boys and girls, ”says Arnedo. The authors of the study consider that it is a game that attracts both male and female audiences, since it does not use the “realistic violence” that usually attracts children and adds a “colorful and colorful aesthetic, close to cartoons”, In addition to the ability to customize the characters with "costumes and dances."

"In this sense, it is appreciated that there is a quite inclusive character design, if we compare it with what is usually usual in the world of video games," adds Arnedo. The study also showed that "fear of feeling displaced" is one of the main reasons why children play Fortnite, since it is fashionable that most children in their environment play.

According to the study, 25.5% of participants play both during the week and on weekends, while 74.6% play only on weekends and holidays.


What do you think of this study about Fortnite?

Source: The Newspaper

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