7 great Bluetooth headphones for less than R$300

by Kelvin
7 great Bluetooth headphones for less than R$300

Bluetooth headsets are often the sort of thing that, once you’ve experimented with it, you’ll hardly want to go back to having to hook up with the wires that come with regular headsets.

We know that noise canceling models are expensive, so it’s good to be able to count on some great cost-effective options. That’s why our team searched for you seven Bluetooth headphones that can be found for less than R$300.

They don’t have noise canceling, but they are sure to satisfy your sonic needs with quality and practicality.


Bluedio’s Hi TWS is a very good option for those who don’t care that much for sound quality and construction, as long as the phone is cheap, has a good connection technology, a cool battery and serves to listen to podcasts and music.

Both the phone and its case are made of simple plastic, but Bluetooth 5.0 ensures stable sound transmission and doesn’t waste a lot of energy. The headphones battery promises up to six hours of use, and by putting it in the case, you get two more full charges before you need to plug everything in.

The sound quality of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots is ok if you are not picky, the Bluetooth is also 5.0 and the build quality is also a cheap plastic. The battery life here drops to four continuous hours in the headphones and up to 12 hours counting on the case’s charge. The advantage here is the more discreet format with controls through physical buttons and the smaller volume of the box.

BlitzWolf’s AIRAUX AA-UM1 model goes up a bit here, so it usually appears closer to our R$300 limit if you don’t get any promotions. It brings a little more build and sound quality without sacrificing the small, user-friendly format. The battery promises three to four hours of audio playback in the headphones and another two and a half charges in the headphones. Bluetooth is 5.0 and it comes IP-X-6 certified for water and sweat resistance, so you can wear it cool while working out or even in the rain.

Philips UpBeat is the model with one of the best sound quality on our list so far, and when it was released it cost well over R$300. Now, it can be found for less than that and delivers, in addition to bass-focused sound, Bluetooth 5.0, great build quality, battery life for about three hours and three more recharges in the case.

An option for those who exercise intensely and do not feel safe with headphones completely loose is the JBL Tune T110BT model. It has a nice sound quality, Bluetooth 4.0, controls on buttons on the flat wire and a magnet system so it doesn’t get loose and curling when not in use. The battery promises up to six hours of continuous use.

If you like the shape of large headphones that are over the ears but don’t fully involve them, the Pulse PH-218 is a nice option from Multilaser. It comes with a rubberized material that gives it a cool resistance and the strong colors are beautiful. The sound quality doesn’t impress the most demanding, but it won’t let you down either, and the battery allows for about six hours of audio before needing to recharge.

Highly recommended by a group of people here, the W800BT, by Edifier, is a very elegant model of a bluetooth headset with an over-ear format, the type that completely covers the ears. The sound quality is pretty cool, it’s comfortable, and the battery promises an impressive 50 hours of continuous music. If you are not going to use it, in stand-by mode it can stay up to 33 days without needing to be recharged. And it also has a P2 cable plug for those times when you want to ensure less audio latency. It sure is a pretty cool option.

Honorable Mention: Edifier W820BT

Our original plan was to put the Edifier W820BT on the list, as before the current crisis it fit into the R$300 budget, but now it can’t be found at that price. So it’s like an honorable mention. It brings the same advantages of the model mentioned above, but increases the battery’s promise to 80 hours and is collapsible, which makes transport easier.