73.8% of companies in BR want to adopt home office after pandemic

by Kelvin
73.8% of companies in BR want to adopt home office after pandemic

According to a survey carried out by the consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield, 73.8% of multinational companies operating in Brazil intend to adopt the home office as a definitive practice in the country, after the new coronavirus pandemic. Data were obtained through interviews with 122 executives who work at these companies.

The decision to keep the home office for part of the workforce is due to the fact that the practice was well evaluated in our country. Only 2.5% of executives saw the experience as totally negative. For another 13.1%, there were more negatives than positives.

For 25.4% of executives, the telework experience was totally positive, while another 59% could perceive more positive points than negative ones.


If you were caught off guard by the quarantine and have been working from home, you may be facing some challenges. Here are some tips for improving your work environment at home.

Tips to improve the home office

Working from home requires from employees, above all, high communication skills. In this scenario, where meetings take place at a distance, it is necessary to adopt some measures so that communication between employees flows in the best possible way. Check out the tips!

video conferencing technology

For companies that use video conferencing, rather than voice-only communication, the choice of platform will impact all employees involved. Therefore, it is important that the platform adapts to the needs of the company and those who will stay at home, where, not always, workers have a high-quality network infrastructure.

The equipment used

For workers who use laptops, it’s important to note that cameras and microphones built into these devices may not be the best options for capturing video and audio. In this sense, purchasing a good quality webcam and headset can make the difference in optimized communication.


Acquiring good equipment will help, but the environment also needs to be prepared not to generate an echo. If the office is empty, fill it with furniture, curtains, carpets, etc. This helps to absorb sound and prevent unwanted noise.

The tips are from the executive Rubens Branchini, commercial director of ES Tech, a company specializing in solutions for different technologies and business operations.

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