8 apps to improve those old photos on your iPhone or Android

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8 apps to improve those old photos on your iPhone or Android

Photo Edited at Bazaart.

Looking for something to do while you’re confined at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus? This is exactly what you need – it’s simple, satisfying, and doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Your phone gallery is full of photos that you have taken over the years and that could receive a good change of look. Well, the app stores on iOS and Android are full of creative applications that can give your existing photos a completely new look, all from the comfort of your sofa.

I have gathered below a selection of my favorite apps and I explain them below. There are some that even let you turn your favorite photos into a photo album while you’re quarantined.

Edited in Snapseed.


Free in iOS and Android.

Snapseed, owned by Google, offers a wide range of exposure and color tools to make adjustments to your images, but it also has many filter options, from vintage styles to modern and striking HDR designs. You can overlay the effects to create some interesting edits on your image. And best of all, it’s totally free ..

Edited in Lightroom mobile.


Available for iOS and Android. Some features are free, but full access costs $ 4.99 a month.


Adobe Lightroom remains an industry standard for professional photographers, and the mobile version is very similar. You won’t find stickers, animations, or emoji here, but you’ll get fine-grained control over your image and the same set of tools you’ll find in Lightroom for desktop. It is the application that I use the most to edit my own images on my iPhone and iPad, especially since the images are synchronized in the cloud, allowing me to start on one device and continue on another.

Edited in Photoshop Express.

Adobe photoshop express

Free in iOS and Android.

Photoshop Express has many of the same features you’ll find in Lightroom, including exposure, contrast, and color-editing options, but it removes some of the professional tools and cloud sync, and more importantly, it eliminates the subscription. It is a great tool to adjust your images to get the best out of yourself, but you will also find a good selection of filters and overlapping textures, as well as tools to create collages from your images.

It’s not as open to wild creativity as other options on this list, but it’s a solid editing app at a price that’s hard to argue with.

Edited in Prism.


iOS and Android, US $ 7.99 a month or US $ 30 a year.

Prism does not deal with subtle filters and basic image fixes. Instead, their cool filters will transform your images into often bizarre artistic creations. The results have a pictorial effect and, in fact, many filters are inspired by artists such as Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Filters are strong, and while you can adjust them, not all filters will work with every image. I found that some were more suitable for portraits, while other filters worked better with landscapes.

But it’s a lot of fun to experiment with and when you find a photo that works, it really works.

Edited at Bazaart.


iOS only, $ 7.99 a month or $ 48 a year.

Bazaart’s collage and montage tools allow you to combine multiple different elements, from photos to text and graphics, and overlay them to create a finished work of art. It has tools that let you instantly erase the background behind a portrait subject (I was surprised at how well it worked!) To put on a new background or superimpose multiple effects. It also has a great variety of templates to create magnificent collages for your stories of Instagram.

There are so many different ways to test and compose different images together that the only limit will come down to how creative you feel. You can a round for Bazaart’s account at Instagram to inspire you.

Edited at Photofox.


iOS only.

Like Bazaart, Photofox has powerful background removal tools that allow you to compose into new backgrounds or apply amazing effects. I particularly like Photofox’s scattering effect, which makes it seem like your subject explodes into a thousand particles (trust me, it’s cool!), As well as the glitch effects and double exposure that superimposes two images on top of each other.

As with Bazaart, there are endless possibilities of what you can do by superimposing and composing different types of images and applying different effects to each one.

Edited in VSCO.


iOS and Android, free limited features, or $ 19.99 a year with a seven-day free trial.

VSCO started life by making color grading presets for Lightroom and its roots are clear in the app today. Instead of offering stickers Or animated GIFs for Snapchat enthusiasts, VSCO is more about more ingenious filmic color filters. The app has a wide variety of presets available, including layouts designed to emulate classic Fujifilm, Kodak and Ilford film reels.

It also has a large selection of black and white filters, making it a great option to experiment with if you like changing monochrome shots.

Edited at PicsArt.


iOS and AndroidFree, limited features or $ 48 a year for the entire suite.

PicsArt has a wide variety of editing tools available, from basic settings like exposure and contrast, to cinematic color gradations and dramatic filters that transform your images into artwork similar to that of a painting. There are many options for the tone and shape of your face in selfies: I’m not going to get into the ethics of using these tools for “beauty” purposes, but I had fun using the tools to intentionally transform my features into weird proportions.

There is also an element of social exchange in the style Instagram for PicsArt, if you are interested in that. Personally, I was mainly interested in editing options.

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