8 Best Rugged Smartphone: Strong and Durable Smartphone in 2019


Very good smartphone. But many of them are not that hard. They are vulnerable to damage when they fall or are exposed to extreme conditions. If you want a harder, more durable option, consider getting the best smartphone that's tough.

A rugged cell phone has a tough outer shell to resist bumps, vibrations, bumps or drops. They do not crack or damage easily. They are also resistant to water, dust and weather, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.


Many of them receive an IP68 rating, which shows their durability. Because of this, this smartphones It is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities and activities such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, trekking, and more. Some are waterproof smartphones Which is not rude, if that is what you are looking for. You can also check out these cheaper waterproof phones if your budget is limited.

But if you want more than just water resistance, the best smartphone might be what you're looking for.

The most smartphones Not built to be rude. But there are brands that are more focused on making it strong and durable. smartphones. Besides being rude, that's smartphones We act here doing more than just being tough. In our view, the following are some of the best smartphones this year

  • Robust CAT S61 Smartphone – $ 788

    When it comes to being rude, CAT smartphones Definitely above. This is not surprising because it is the same company that is famous for making construction equipment. The best rugged phone so far is the CAT S61. That's it, and really built to be durable and tough. This can overcome any environmental challenge (dust, water, heat, shock, to name it).

    It has MIL SPEC 810G, IP68 and IP69 credentials. It is resistant to salt, sand, pressure, vibrations, dust and fog, and it is waterproof up to 3 meters for 60 minutes. Not to mention, it's drop-proof up to 1.8 meters, so you don't have to worry about cracking or breaking even when it falls on concrete or a hard surface.

    This smartphone also takes it to another level with an integrated thermal imaging camera that you can use to read and detect temperatures up to 400 ° C. It even has an air quality sensor to measure humidity, temperature and organic compounds in the room.

    Product highlights:

    • Monitoring of indoor air quality.
    • Laser distance measurement
    • Thermal imager
    • 4500mAh battery
    • 8MP front camera with fixed focus
    • The main camera is 16MP Autofocus

    With all these features, the CAT S61 can be said to be the most powerful phone on the market.

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    You can also use this smartphone to measure distances and the design of areas. This is possible thanks to the laser-assisted distance measurement function. To use this, you must download the Measure app.

    8 The best rugged smartphone - tough and durable smartphone in 2019 2

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone - Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 3

  • Robust CAT S41 Smartphone – $ 399

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone - Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 4

    CAT S61 has excellent features. But it comes with a price. This is the most expensive smartphone on the list. If you want a cheaper CAT smartphone that's good, check out CAT S41. This phone is also designed to be rugged and handle extreme conditions, but not too heavy on the wallet.

    This smartphone is MIL SPEC 810G and IP68 certified. It is waterproof up to 2 meter for 60 minutes. It can also handle salt, fog, dust, and thermal shocks. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display is also scratch-free. To top it off, it is drop proof up to 1.8 meters

    It may not have other features that CAT S61 offers, but it does have a powerful battery that you can use to charge other devices through the Battery Sharing feature.

    Product highlights:

    • 13MP autofocus main camera
    • 8MP fixed focus from camera
    • Octacore 2.3GHz processor
    • IP68 and IP69 certification
    • 5-screen display super bright

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  • Blackview Smartphone BV5500 Robusto – $ 124.99

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone - Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 5

    Looking for the cheapest rugged cell phone? That will be Blackview BV500. This is very affordable, especially compared to other rough phones on the market. Regardless of the price, it's packed with great features.

    Created for outdoor activity enthusiasts, this smartphone is IP68 waterproof and has military-grade fall protection features. It can be underwater (up to 2 meters) for up to 2 hours and can withstand working temperatures from -30 ° C to 50 ° C. In addition, it can last a drop of up to 6 meters to a hard surface like concrete.

    However, the camera has a lower specification than the expensive model, with an 8MP + 0.3MP rear camera and only a 2MP front camera. However, it does have a Face ID identification feature which is CAT smartphones don't offer Overall, it's still a good choice if you're looking for a rugged external smartphone with a good value.

    Product highlights:

    • 5.5 inch high definition screen
    • Corning Gorilla 3 glass screen
    • IP68 waterproof and dustproof
    • 1.3GHz Octa-core processor
    • Facial recognition

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  • AGM X3 Rugged Smartphone – $ 657.99

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone: Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 6

    AGM X3 is a combination of strength and performance. There aren't many rough phones that have excellent cameras and sound quality. This is an exception. This allows you to enjoy slim and elegant features. smartphones and at the same time the durability of rugged cell phones.

    With MIL 810G and IP68 certification, this smartphone has been proven to be durable. It is waterproof (up to 1.2 meters) and dustproof. It works in a variety of temperatures: -25 to 55 ° C, and can handle vibrations, shocks and salt spray. It can last 1 drop, 21 meters.

    In addition to these durable features, this phone also has amazing features for entertainment. Enjoy realistic 3D sound with your JBL speakers and high-resolution camera. However, like the CAT S61, it is also quite expensive compared to the others.

    Product highlights:

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
    • IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certified
    • 3D Sound Effects (JBL)
    • 20MP front camera
    • 12MP main camera + 24MP secondary camera

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  • Ulefone Armor 6 Cell Phone – $ 409.99

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone - Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 7

    Like AGM X3, Armor Ulefone 6 is also a formidable smartphone that offers great specs and features. This is the most feature-rich rugged cell phone on the list.

    This smartphone can withstand rough handling and difficult conditions. It can handle solar radiation, moisture, water, shock and dust, and meets military-level standards. It also has IP68 and IP69K certifications, making it a truly formidable smartphone. Generally, it can work even in extreme temperatures, from -20 ℃ to 60 ℃.

    As the name implies, Armor 6 has reinforced diecast armor to hold drops from any angle. In addition to this roughness, it is equipped with great features like super big screen, Helio P60 AI chipset, wireless charging and many more.

    Product highlights:

    • Ultraviolet light detector
    • NFC + Google Pay
    • Equipped with GPS
    • 6.2 Inch Super Ultra FH Screen
    • 21MP main camera + 13MP secondary camera
    • IP68 / IP69 protection

    Although it is rich in features, it is not as expensive as the AGM X3 or CAT S61. Therefore, this is a good option for those looking for a rugged cell phone at an average price.

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  • Sonim XP8 rugged smartphone – $ 444.50

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone: Strong and Durable Smartphone in 2019 8

    Sonim XP8 is designed to last a long time. This powerful smartphone offers military value design and smart communication. The OneTouch Push-to-Talk feature allows users to establish quick emergency communication, making it the perfect companion when you go out in nature or do extreme outdoor activities.

    This smartphone is MIL 810G, IP69, IP68 rated and non-flammable (Class I, II, III, Div. 2), ensuring its durability. It was built to withstand the environment and dangerous conditions. In addition to rudeness, this phone is also focused on providing efficient and smart communication.

    Product highlights:

    • Comprehensive warranty 3 years old
    • Snapdragon 630 OctaCore processor
    • MIMO antenna for LTE
    • Solution 3 microphone and noise cancellation
    • Dual speaker (100dB + output)
    • Gorilla Glass 5.0 inch 3

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  • Ulefone Armor 3T smartphone – $ 385.90

    8 The Best Rugged Smartphone - Rugged and Durable Smartphone in 2019 9

    If you are looking for a smartphone with a long battery life and the Walkie Talkie feature, look no further than the Ulefone Armor 3T. It has a 10300 mAh battery that you can use for at least 4 days (when it is used a lot). It even has energy saving management.

    No smartphone signal? No problem. Turn this phone into a Walkie Talkie with Smart Intercom and dual speakers. With 1W / 2W 400 to 470MHz hardware intercom support, this phone is your perfect friend wherever you are, even in no signal areas or remote areas with weak signals. This feature and its durable battery make it suitable for hiking, trekking or desert trekking.

    Product highlights:

    • 10,300 mAh battery
    • Smart intercom
    • Helio P23 processor
    • 5.7 inch screen
    • 21MP rear camera (Sony)
    • Water, dust and shock resistance.

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  • Motorola Moto Z2 Force smartphone – $ 379

    8 Best Rugged Smartphones: 2019 Rugged & Durable Smartphones 10

    The main problem with rude smartphones It is their appearance. And they are built like this because of their function. They are made to look and be strong and durable. That is why most of them look great, like armored cell phones. If you want a sturdy cell phone, it still looks stylish like most smartphones, check Motorola Moto Z2 Force.

    This smartphone guarantees an anti-shatter screen. Super AMOLED Quad HD 1440p Quad 5.5-inch display are designed to prevent cracking or tearing. The Unibody 7000 series aluminum also adds protection against various conditions.

    Product highlights:

    • Nano waterproof coating
    • Front and loud speakers 3 mic
    • 12MP dual rear camera (IMX 386 sensor)
    • Front camera 5 MP (ƒ / 2.2 aperture)
    • Fast charge (TurboPower)

    However, compared to the others. smartphones On the list, Moto Z2 Force is the most difficult. It is more for people who want a smartphone that is stylish and attractive but with a lasting touch.

    You can also check out the best Motorola cell phone in 2019.

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  • Let's face it, with a few exceptions, rude smartphones not as handsome as stylish, classy and stylish smartphones We often see on the market. However, what a cell phone has in terms of aesthetics is sturdy, which makes it durable. But they are more than durable and tough. They are packed with various features.

    East smartphones It is best used for work and outdoor activities, as well as extreme adventures. They are built to withstand and endure adverse conditions and climates. Out of 8 smartphones Here, we believe that the best rugged smartphone is the CAT S61. However, if you are looking for a feature rich phone that combines robustness and performance, 2 mobile phones come to mind: AGM X3 and Ulefone Armor 6.

    Rest assured that everyone smartphones On the list are great friends for work and outdoor activities.

    What do you think about this article? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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