8 functions that WhatsApp prepares to launch before the end of the year

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Night mode and battery saving are the changes that WhatsApp will bring in September

WhatsApp is still updated to keep track of its followers and launches 8 new features that will be available soon.

WhatsApp will present eight new functions that can be used before 2020.

The functions are:

1.- The Multiplatform

With it, WhatsApp will allow you to use the same application account on different devices, as well as simultaneously.

When the cross platform is active, you can use the same access account on several phones at the same time or answer the messages from a PC or iPad, without the need for the phone to be connected or turned on.

2.-App for iPad and PC

Currently, it is only possible to use WhatsApp on computers or tablets using the WhatsApp Web system, which requires the user's phone to be active and connected to be able to synchronize messages, but now he would be thinking of fully entering iPad and PC

3.- Dark mode

The long-awaited dark mode of WhatsApp could be available only in a few weeks, in September, for users of the iOS 13 operating system.

Dark mode reduces tired eyesight and prevents battery drain quickly.

4.- Name Change

It is in the Beta version that the new application name already appears and will soon be available on all devices.

Facebook He decided to add his name to the applications he owned as Instagram and WhatsApp, which will be renamed ‘Instagram of Facebook’And‘ WhatsApp of Facebook’.

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5.- Memojis

WhatsApp will release the memojis, which will be available to users of the iOS operating system and that are similar to those of Apple.

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These are new personalized emojis that can be sent as stickers, without having to go to the photo gallery.

6.- WhatsApp web

The web version of WhatsApp will feature new features, such as photo albums and stickers, which will take up less space in the chats.

7.- Lock with fingerprint

This novelty is also one of the most anticipated, With the fingerprint lock, WhatsApp seeks a method of identifying users, both for iOS and Android.

This new function allows you to configure the application lock for after one minute, 30 minutes or automatically.

8.- Boomerang

With the new Boomerang effect, from WhatsApp you can create short loops and share them directly with your contacts, without using any other application.

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