Having several tools at our disposal that allow us to optimize photographs and images is vital to highlight our blog or our social media profiles. Fortunately, there are many tools for users of all kinds, which will facilitate our work when creating infographics, memes, animated gifs or retouching photographs before uploading them to instagram. And best of all, from our own mobile phone.

In this post we have compiled for you 8 apps to create and edit photos and animations for iPhone and Android. Join us in this special and discover which ones we have selected.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

To put it briefly, Adobe Photoshop Express is a kind of miniature Photoshop. Basically take the basic tools of the original program and integrates them into a mobile application. We can crop, stretch, or rotate the photo, as well as adjust red eyes, brightness, contrast, saturation, or apply smart filters.

These filters are a very prominent function since they automatically correct the most common problems, such as color temperature and excessive exposure. Definitely, one of the most versatile and powerful applications we can have.

Of course, before we can use this service, we will have to register to obtain a free Adobe ID account, as is the case with other Adobe programs.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox

A very interesting and highly recommended application that will delight more than one. To open your mouth, one of its most famous functions is the possibility to add graphic elements to our images.

This free photo editor borrow the concept of Photoshop layers, but in a more superficial way, but also more accessible. The trouble is that the free version limits the use of these layers to just two. We will have to resort to the paid version to explore all its possibilities. Even so, it is worth checking out.



The perfect app to retouch selfies. Thanks to this free editor, we can easily retouch our portraits, from applying filters to soften the skin, to reduce brightness or whiten teeth. We will even have the option of makeup on the same image.

With Visage we will have at our disposal a complete tool kit designed specifically to improve, change and perfect people's faces. In addition, once the tweaks are finished, we can compare the same photo before and after applying the changes.

pic collage

Pic Collage

A round experience in regards to the world of photomontages. We are facing a tool for creating photo collages With a good handful of styles and backgrounds to create our own designs.

Of course, It also includes several functions for retouching those images that we will include in our assemblies, without having to resort to other apps. In addition, it also allows the possibility of adding text and editing it as we see fit.

8 interesting apps to edit photos and create free designs 1Foodie

The app that kitchen lovers were waiting for, available on iOS and Android. As its name implies, Foodie is a photo editor to enhance and enhance images about food. Not for nothing, its more than 30 filters and all the editing possibilities that it includes, you have been designed to get the best profile to our dishes.

Among other functions, Foodie allows us to change the size of the photo, add a blur to the outermost part of the image, access our photographic reel, balance the brightness and apply filters in real time. In short: if you have a food or cooking channel, you need this application in your life.



This free photo editing app includes all typical editing tools, such as adjustments, cutouts, borders and bullets. We can also adjust the exposure, contrast, or color temperature.

VSCO also us offers a good handful of filters They add a differentiating touch to our photos. Of course, these filters are also adjustable through a simple slider.

As if that were not enough, VSCO gives you access to an extensive user community with whom we can share our creations once we have finished editing our photo.

gif maker

GIF Maker

A very complete app dedicated entirely to the creation of GIFs. With GIF Maker we can create animated gifs, slideshows and video animations totally free and without registration. You can also create slideshows and fun animations.

The application allows us to edit an existing GIF and create a new one from it with photos or a video, in addition to the options to cut, reduce the gif and insert texts or stickers to customize it to our liking. You also have the option to increase or reduce the scale of the GIF, crop it, change the playback speed, create one using the mobile camera, or from the photos and / or videos that we have in the gallery.

Of course, as a negative point (some had to have) the app is exclusive for Android systems.

8 interesting apps to edit photos and create free designs 2Giphy

One of the most popular websites on the internet in regards to search and creation of animated GIFS. You can directly upload your already created GIF to your computer or create it online from an image or a video clip.

To start, we will have to enter a link of the base video that you want to create a GIF or the images you want to work on. Once we have made our piece, Giphy will allow us to share it in different networks or through a url to embed your video wherever you want. Of course, we can also download it to our computer.

So far our review of the best online apps of 2019 to create images and animations comfortably from our mobile device, or laptop in case they have a web version. You will have to take the next step and start testing one by one until you find the one that best suits your needs.

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