8 reasons not to buy iPhone 11

by Kelvin
8 motivos para não comprar o iPhone 11

Announced on September 10 this year at the event of Apple, the iPhone 11 has brought some surprises and news – as more specifically its camera in Pro version of the device. However, are the innovations of the new model really reason enough to justify a purchase? To help you evaluate well before spending a lot, we've brought you a list of reasons not to buy iPhone 11.

Evaluate carefully and be sure to consider these negatives when compared to the smartphones introduced in 2019 covering the same category of premium handsets – although other brands do not offer the revolutionary service of Apple Card Without further ado, let's get to the list.


1. Really high price

Certainly one of the biggest reasons consumers will decide not to buy iPhone 11 is its price. Presented by Apple, the basic (non-Pro) model of the iPhone 11 has its price range starting from $ 699, while the Pro model can be purchased from $ 999 and the Pro Max from $ 1099.

In Brazil, it is difficult to imagine what will be the final value of this device when converted to reais, but considering that the iPhone can be found for over $ 4200.00 is good to start preparing the pocket.

2. Nothing new design

Looking closely, except for the really remarkable change in the camera – which doesn't necessarily make the device look better – the design of the iPhone 11 leaves a lot to be desired. It is not much different from the iPhone XR, for example.

Of course, usually the design differences are not very significant in the releases of the Apple, we have seen this for a few years. At least it can be said that the iPhone 11 really stands out with the rear camera and its wide range of colors, as you can see in the image above.

3. Does not display 3D Touch

Like the iPhone XR, this feature has been replaced by Haptic Touch, which is nothing more than a long-touch feature. Haptic Touch works well, but the truth is that it doesn't bring the amount of options and features we had access through the 3D Touch of Haptic Touch. Apple.

The old system allowed us to perform a huge variety of commands on the iPhone, while this new version is not even able to recognize the force applied to the screen (which served as an indicator for some 3D Touch features).

It may not be a big change or enough for you not to buy the iPhone 11, but most likely we will not see any new releases with the most complete technology previously used – even because its development was more expensive.

4. LCD display

Unlike better technology models, iPhone 11 does not offer an OLED technology display, but only a 6.1 ″ inch LCD screen. This will give you no access to the same contrast and color clarity as other handsets in the category.

In addition, the screen resolution is not as high as others. smartphones already offer. At just 1792 x 828 pixels, you'll have access to a good screen even for iPhone games, but not surprising, especially considering the cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro features a 2436 x 1125 pixel screen that is extremely superior.

5. Thick edges on screen

Another factor also inherent in the screen and design of the iPhone 11 that left us quite disappointed was the really thick edges on the side. Today, it is already possible to find cheaper models and so powerful that offer screens that fill almost the entire front surface of the device.

Thick edges

There is no telling why the Apple Insists on making screens in this model – as you can see on the official website dedicated to the device – but it is certainly visible how the space could have been better used to optimize the quality of the display.

6. Does not support 5G

This may be one of the biggest reasons not to buy iPhone 11. 5G is a networking technology that brings significant improvements to the quality and speed of the connection especially for mobile devices and even though it is already in use in some countries, the iPhone 11 does not support it – while others smartphones released this year cover this feature.

Instead, they only come equipped with a gigabite-class LTE, which is a bit faster than the 4G LTE standard. This technology is also present in the iPhone XS, for example, despite the Apple have reported that on iPhone 11 it would be even better.

7. Does not offer USB-C

Keeping the same pattern as other previous releases of Apple, iPhone 11 does not yet support USB-C technology and only offers USB Lightning. One of the biggest reasons for this is to maintain compatibility with all accessories that are only compatible with USB Lightning on smartphones previous Even so, the end result is a device that does not offer a more current and significantly more powerful technology.

8. Not the iPhone 11 Pro

If you are already determined to purchase a more current model from AppleThe truth is that it is worth considering buying the iPhone 11 Pro and not buying the standard iPhone 11. Of course, this is intentional, but if you consider the big differentials presented by the Pro or Max model and compare it to the cost-benefit, it may be worth it for you to add some more and get the optimized version.

iPhone 11 Pro

At the very least, you'll have access to the powerful triple cameras on the back of the smartphone – one of the biggest highlights of the new model. Apple and that covered much of its presentation, even though rival Xiaomi already has devices with this number of lenses. But of course, prepare your pocket, as the difference in value in reais when launched in Brazil is not expected to be small. You can compare between the standard and the Pro directly on the official website.

So you still think it's worth buying the iPhone 11?

Now that you know the main downsides of iPhone 11, be sure to tell us in the comments what you think about the device. If you're still convinced that it's worth the cost-benefit of using a newer iOS-based model, you might prefer to read our 7-reason article to buy it.

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