8chan closed due to massacre in El Paso, Texas

by Kelvin
8chan closed due to massacre in El Paso, Texas

Over the weekend, Patrick Wood Crusius, a 21-year-old lonely young man, drove for more than nine hours from the city of Allen, Texas, to El Paso, to carry out an attack on its inhabitants by firing at Walmart customers. The attack left 20 dead and 26 wounded. Wood published a letter of intent in the American 8chan forum, with ample racist content; This caused the Cloudfare company to stop providing hosting on its servers to the site.

For those who do not know what 8chan is, it is a forum born from a 4chan split (forum that was fundamental to the origin of Anonymous), was founded by Fredrick Brennan in 2013 because he considered that 4chan was increasingly authoritative and erased more updates Of the members. The only real 8chan rule is "Do not publish, request or link any content that is illegal in the United States, and do not create threads with the aim of publishing or disseminating this content." But as you can imagine, this rule was not followed very often.


Cloudfare says the Wood Crusius post was not an isolated incident. If the authorship is confirmed, it would be the third similar attack in less than five months that was announced earlier in the forum: the authors of the attacks on the Christchurch mosques in New Zealand, and the Poway synagogue in California .

“We continue to feel incredibly uncomfortable playing the role of content arbitrators and we do not intend to exercise it often – Cloudfare explains in a statement – We tolerate reluctant content that we believe is reprehensible – secure, in direct reference to 8chan-, but we draw the line red on platforms that have shown that they directly inspire tragic events and that they don't respect the law by system. ”

Fredrick Brennan himself, who has been disconnected from the site for years, has repeatedly asked that 8chan be closed because it is negative for everyone, including its users.

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