8K, QLED, Mini LED and retractable cameras from TVs. TCL showed new products

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tcl 8k mini led qled

At IFA 2019 in Berlin, TCL showed that it has big ambitions in conquering the global market. I have already written about TCL Plex, i.e. the first smartphone sold globally under the TCL brand, but no less interesting is happening in the TV segment.

Tomson Li, founder and president of TCL, boasted company results on the Berlin stage. TCL is the second largest TV producer in the world in terms of sales. In the first half of 2019, the producer recorded a 17.9 percent increase in sales. in global terms, and in the United States by as much as 75 percent. (year to year data).

Europeans also liked TCL, and sales in the Old Continent amounted to 20.7 percent. TCL reminded that it is in Poland that the TV factory and distribution center for Europe is located.

TCL focuses on 8K, QLED and … a camera sliding out of the TV

tcl 8k mini led qled


The first new products at the TCL conference were 8K QLED X series televisions. The first model is TCL X10, i.e. the QLED panel operating at 8K resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels). The equipment supports Dolby Vision, and the maximum brightness is 1500 nits. Over 15,000 LEDs operate within 768 local blanking zones. The matrix operates at 100 Hz, and thanks to the Quantum Dot layer, the TV supports the wide DCI-P3 color palette (with full, 100% coverage). The TV operates under the control of Android TV, and the manufacturer boasts of advanced conversion algorithms up to 8K.

tcl 8k mini led qled

The TV will be available in sizes 85, 75 and 65 inches. The Onkyo soundbar with Dolby Atmos sound technology will be part of the set. The soundbar has its own additional screen that can display information about the material being played. A retractable camera is also a big curiosity, which will be used for video calls and AR applications.

tcl 8k mini led qled

TCL X10 TVs will go on sale in the second quarter of 2020. The series will also include 4K models that will not be equipped with a camera. The equipment will go on sale in 2019 in sizes 75, 65 and 55 inches.

There are also Mini LED 8K TVs

tcl 8k mini led qled

The TCL 8K Mini LED (X8) series is based on the Mini LED technology offering a very large number of small local blanking zones, which translates into a large increase in contrast to traditional LCD panels. TCL X8 are also QLED panels, and therefore equipped with a layer with a Quantum Dot, thanks to which they offer coverage of a wide range of colors (100% DCI-P3). The 100 Hz matrix also supports the Dolby Vision standard.

The X8 series also works under the control of Android TV and is sold with an integral Onkyo soundbar supporting Dolby Atmos.

tcl 8k mini led qled

TCL X8 in the 8K variant and in the size of 75 inches will hit selected markets during the second quarter of 2020. There will also be a 75- and 65-inch 4K version that will hit the market in 2019.

There are also new suggestions for people interested in 4K. There was also a new soundbar

tcl 8k mini led qled

The X10 and X8 series described above will be available in 4K variants, but TCL has also prepared a series designed from the beginning with a view to 4K image. This is TCL EC78. The equipment is distinguished by a slim housing, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision support and Android TV with Google Assistant support. The 55-inch TV will be sold for PLN 2999, and for the 65-inch variant we will pay PLN 4,199.

tcl 8k mini led qled

Another new feature is the TCL RAY-DANZ soundbar, which has focused a lot of attention during the conference at the IFA fair. The equipment supports Dolby Atmos, and it is distinguished by its design. We have symmetrically bent speakers that distribute sound waves towards curved acoustic reflectors. Thanks to this, without digital treatments, the soundbar builds a wider soundstage, and the area of ​​the best Dolby Atmos reproduction (i.e. the so-called Sweet Spot) is much larger than in traditional soundbars. I am very curious about how this soundbar works in practice. Price and availability are not yet known.

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