9 frequently asked questions plugins for WordPress sites

by Kelvin
9 frequently asked questions plugins for WordPress sites 1

When you run a website, you are likely to receive emails from your visitors, possibly one from emails. They can come from customers, leads, or even commenters on your blog.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to respond to these emails if you expect lasting business success.


However, after a while, many of these emails may contain similar issues. Answering these questions takes valuable time that can be used to grow your blog or business. While you can instruct a VA or staff member to email them one at a time to answer your questions, a cheaper and time-saving way is to have a list of frequently asked questions or frequently asked questions on their page.

People have some time and don't always want to read dozens of general questions and answers or even search their WordPress site to find an old FAQ page.

Instead, you can use a simple plugin that integrates directly into individual pages, eg. Their sales page to help sell your product or service by answering current questions and addressing the concerns of local people.

Here are the best WordPress FAQ plugins (free and paid) for your website:

The best WordPress FAQ plugins for your site

1 Heroic FAQ

the Heroic questions The plug-in was created with ease of use in mind and it doesn't hurt that the bottom surface is beautiful and well designed.

From convenient drag-and-drop requests to the ability to tackle all frequently asked questions on one page without having to click back and forth, frequently asked questions have taken advantage of and integrated many of the benefits of other frequently asked questions plugins. Offer that avoids many of the negatives.

No programming skills are required and you can use the FAQ editor to make your FAQs look the way you want. This means that the ability to include lists, images, and even videos to enhance the user experience can hopefully save time-consuming presale and support tickets.

Unlike some FAQ plugins that force you to use developer styles and make it difficult to change the look through coding, Heroic FAQs are combined with your existing theme but are very developer friendly and allow customization advanced if you want,

Responds to mobile devices and includes five attractive and functional predefined FAQ styles, multiple icon settings, premium support, and animations, including turn-based activation or the popular accordion expansion.

Prices range from $ 49 / year for one site to $ 149 / year for a 10-site license with all options, including updates and support for the year.

price: $ 49 / year and more

2, Responsive HTML5 FAQ

Many FAQ plugins answer, but if you don't want to risk it, Responsive HTML5 FAQ It is guaranteed to be fully responsive and compatible with any attractive subject.

Questions and answers can be divided into categories, each with a personalized title. With this plugin, you can easily change the layout, colors, and fonts so you can easily integrate the look of your FAQs into the rest of your site.

Frequently asked questions about HTML5 answers are supported by Visual Composer and many other content creation plugins. It is easy to use and can be added to any post, page or widget using the supplied shortcode.

price: Free

3, Last frequently asked questions

Like most FAQ plugins, Last frequently asked questions It allows you to create an unlimited number of frequently asked questions and FAQ categories on your site.

You can display them with a variety of style settings on any page, any WooCommerce product, or even in its sidebar.

Ultimate FAQ is equipped with several unique features and has a handy statistics field where you can get a summary of your FAQ views. Using a search form, users can easily search for their questions and answers. The plugin can export your questions and answers to a PDF (for example to create a user manual) and can also be used with any content that can benefit from an expandable section, such as recipes or job offers.

For $ 30, a premium upgrade offers multiple styling and customization options, user-submitted frequently asked questions (with optional answer suggestions), simple drag-and-drop requests, and more.

price: Free or $ 34.47

4, Frequently Asked Questions about Arconix

arconix faq

If you're looking for an easy-to-use WordPress FAQ plugin that does it without the frills you may not need, Arconix frequently asked questions It is an excellent opportunity.

Frequently asked questions can be added almost anywhere on your site by inserting a simple shortcode into your content or widget.

Arconix displays your questions and answers with an identifier or animation. You can insert FAQs one by one or "group" them into FAQs in the WordPress editor during creation.

price: Free

5, Frequently Asked Questions in WP Category

wp faq

The free version of Frequently asked questions about the WP category It has the usual features like unlimited FAQs, FAQ categories, and animations and can be easily added to your site using the short plugin code.

The plugin offers search engine friendly URLs, allows translation, supports a thumbnail for each FAQ, and allows developers to fully customize it using a CSS and JS file.

In each FAQ area, you can set a custom animation speed in the shortcode parameters. You can also limit the number of questions and answers that are displayed.

A pro version of $ 9 is available and includes advanced features such as Visual Composer support, support for WooCommerce product FAQs, drag and drop reorganizations, additional layouts, animations and colors, and additional settings when using shortcodes.

price: Free or $ 79 / year as part of the Essential Plugin Bundle bundle

6, FAQPlus


FAQPlus is an advanced FAQ plug-in that offers unlimited FAQs, unlimited colors, over 25 animation effects, easy drag-and-drop commands, Font Awesome support, and more.

Frequently asked questions can be added to any WordPress post, page or widget by inserting the provided card code. If you use Visual Composer on your site, FAQPlus is supported, and for tech experts FAQs can be created with custom CSS.

FAQPlus is on CodeCanyon for 19 US Dollars available and includes future updates and 6 Months of developer support.

price: $ 25

7, Fantasy FAQ

frequent questions

Fantasy FAQ is an easy-to-use FAQ plug-in that allows you to quickly add a FAQ section to any page, post or widget using the supplied shortcode.

The card code allows more customization options, eg. B. Select the category, sort order, and / or limit the number of frequently asked questions that appear.

You can choose between a harmonica or activate animation to see your answers, and like many FAQ plugins, you can add images or videos to your answers directly from the WordPress editor.

There is a page where you can change some colors and styles, but the plugin doesn't have many easily editable layout options.

for $ 19 at CodeCanyon, you'll receive future updates and six months of plugin developer support.

price: $ 19

8, Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ

For an affordable frequently asked questions plugin that covers all the basics, Accordion faq It can be found at CodeCanyon for 16 US dollars will be purchased and will come with future updates.

This plugin has the popular harmonic style FAQ screen, where answers are hidden and expanded or contracted by default when the visitor clicks on an icon next to the question. You'll find the basics, like unlimited FAQ pages and shortcode support, but also a list-style FAQ option. The plugin offers template support and drag and drop reorganization.

The accordion frequently asked questions are also well documented and ready to translate.

price: $ 17

9, WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

FAQ manager for Woocommerce products

However, many FAQ plugins work on WooCommerce product pages FAQ manager for WooCommerce products It is a plugin created specifically for this purpose.

In fact WooCommerce needs to run on your site before you can use this plugin.

WooCommerce product FAQ manager is advertised as "zero configuration, just plug and play" so you should have no trouble getting started. You can create an unlimited number of frequently asked questions for products (with photos and / or videos in the answers). The global FAQ feature is useful for questions and answers that apply to all products, eg. B. Refund policy, contact information, or shipping issues.

With a direct search for frequently asked questions, visitors can enter a keyword in the search box. This keyword is highlighted in all questions and answers. Other features include a radio button, predefined themes and theme generator, responsive design, list translation and much more.

If you're running WooCommerce, this is a feature rich plugin available for an affordable price of $ 21.

price: $ 21

Choosing the best WordPress FAQ plugin

A product or sales page is really the perfect place for a FAQ section.

Potential buyers may have questions before purchasing. If they find an answer right away instead of contacting support and waiting for a response, they have a great opportunity to immediately close the sale.

With these WordPress FAQ plugins, you have several options for your brand and business.

Whether you need an unadorned FAQ list, like the one with the Arconix FAQ plugin or a decorative FAQ list with harmonic-style deluxe FAQs, or if you want to fully customize the look, you can be sure That potential customers will be from a FAQ section on your site is beneficial if you use their FAQ plugin with the final FAQs.

9 frequently asked questions plugins for WordPress sites 1

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