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by Kelvin
Google home mini beeps randomly

The intelligence of the Google Home speaker can be scary if it is activated automatically. Unfortunately, something similar happens to many Google Home users. Your Google Home Speakers like Home Max, Mini and Nest emit random sounds. If you experience the same problem, please refer to the solution mentioned in the post to fix Google random beep.


Let's finish this: Your Google home page doesn't try to seduce you with random bells. Jokes aside, there are always a number of reasons behind the random noise coming from the Google Home speaker.

What is the reason and how to fix it? We will see it in the publication.

1. Restart Google Home

Before changing any settings, start by restarting your Google Home. To do this, unplug Google Home for 20 seconds and then plug it back in.

9 The best way to fix Google homepage problems ... 2

2. Check paired Bluetooth devices

The random beep you hear on Google Home or Mini may be due to your speaker being connected or disconnected from a paired Bluetooth device. Yes, if you use your Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker for your laptop or cell phone, you will hear a buzzer every time you connect or disconnect.

Although there is no way to stop the sound, you can see all the devices paired with your Google Home speaker. You can even check if a device is currently streaming to your Google Home.

To do this, open the Google Home app. Scroll down and open the Google Home speaker. On the next screen, you will see the Bluetooth audio mentioned below the speaker name. This indicates that the device is currently connected.

Mini random beep from Google home 1 Google home mini beeps 2 randomly

To see all paired devices, Touchez the settings icon at the top of the same screen. Scroll down and Touchez Paired Bluetooth Device. If you see an unknown device, disconnect it.

Google home 3 mini random beep Google home 4 random mini beep

7. Check active reminders

Another reason for the random sounds of Google Home could be reminders. Do you set reminders or timers in Google Home?

To check active reminders, open Google Home and go to Settings. Touchez Other settings.

Random Google Home 11 mini beeps Google home mini beeps 12 randomly

Touchez the Services tab, followed by Reminders. Here, you will see all active reminders.

Tips: Also check the assigned reminder settings and see if someone is authorized to send you reminders.

Google home mini beeps 13a randomly

You should ask your Google Home about the reminder saying, "OK Google, what are the notifications."

8. Check the accessibility settings

For that, open the Google Home app. Scroll down and touch your speaker. Touchez the settings icon.

Google home mini beeps 14 randomly

Then Touchez Accessibility. Turn off the switch for both options: play, start and end sound.

Google home mini beeps 15 randomly Google home 16 random mini beep

9. Verify alarm

Alerts can also be the reason behind the random beeps on your Google home page. You should check if there is a repetitive alarm active or if you are saving a musical alarm. In the latter case, if there is an internet problem, you will hear a standard alarm tone.

To verify active alarms, tell your Google Home, "OK Google, what's my alarm." You can even check from the Google Home app. For that, open the app and go to your speaker settings. Touch Alarm and timer. You will see an active alarm.

Google home 17 random mini beep Google home 18 random mini beep

Tips: Google Home Alarm offers many interesting functions. Explore tips for using the Google Home alarm feature.

9. Reset Google Home

If the problem persists, you need to reset Google Home and then add it back to the Google Home app. Hopefully that fixes the problem. Discover How to reset Google Home devices.

Tips: Some users get stuck during reboot, find out how to fix green light reboot problem.

Beep beep

Random sounds coming from Google home speakers can be very annoying, especially at night. We hope the above solution will help you stop random bells from Google Home, Nest, Mini and other speakers.

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