9 Top Solutions for iPadOS Battery Discharge Problems

by Kelvin
Ipados fixes the last battery drain problem

I like iPadOS. This enhances the full iPad experience with a variety of multitasking features, desktop class web browsing, better default file management, and more. But the same as with new things, not without problems. And a gray area like that is the age of the battery.


In the past few months, I have experienced severe battery drain on iPadOS, sometimes for no apparent reason. But fortunately, using the various solutions I mentioned below has helped me to some extent in preventing this issue from spiraling out of control. If you're also experiencing issues with your iPad's battery life, then let's get started.

Tips: Don't forget to use the iPad's battery monitoring screen (Settings> Battery app) to identify the problematic app by checking some of the solutions below.

1. Restart iPad

Since iPadOS is free, I restart my iPad every time it shows signs that the battery is running low as a solid solution, at least for a few hours at best. Restarting clears the cache of iPadOS and possibly stops the naughty processes that are crumbling in the background.

To restart your iPad, start by holding down the Power button (or the Power button and the Volume buttons on iPad models with Face ID functions) briefly. At the Slide to turn off prompt that appears, swipe forward.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 1

After your iPad turns off completely, press and hold the Power button again to restart.

2. Request for forced departure

Sometimes iPadOS will have a hard time handling certain apps and will have a negative impact on battery life. I also had heat issues when it happened.

In such cases, forced stopping of the problematic application serves as a temporary solution. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app picker.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 2

Then, it's just a matter of sliding the application card up to remove it from memory. Try to open the application again; It seems that it will not drain the battery, as before.

3. Update request

Not all applications are optimized to function properly on iPadOS. That means that certain applications are bound to drive the iPad crazy with the use of its batteries. Although stopping forcibly and relaunching a troublesome app will help to some extent, it can't go on forever.

So it is very important that you update the application regularly. Better yet, enable automatic app updates. They contain many bug fixes and will not only solve problems with battery life, but they will also solve other problems.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 3

If a particular app hasn't received an update in a long time, don't forget to contact the app developer to encourage them to check it out.

4. Update iPadOS

You must update iPadOS every time a new update appears. iPadOS is still a new operating system (although it has deep roots in iOS), which means Apple Make many improvements and bug fixes with each additional update. I've experienced better battery life after every update, so don't miss out.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 4

To update iPadOS, open iPad Settings, Touchez General, then Touchez Software update. If you see a new update, Touchez Download and install.

5. Disable background app

Many applications on your iPad are updated in the background so you have access to the latest data without delay. While this is convenient, background apps consume more power and are a recipe for disaster on an unstable operating system like iPadOS beta.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 6

If you're having trouble draining your battery even with minimal activity, consider disabling unwanted apps from running in the background.

To do this, go into the iPad Settings app, Touchez General, Touchez Refresh app in the background, then turn the switch off next to any app you want to prevent from running in the background.

6. Manage location services

Location services are another reason that makes battery problems drain quickly. Nor is it limited to iPadOS.

To avoid this problem, open the Settings app, Touchez Privacy, Touchez Location, then disable location services for unwanted apps.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 7

You can also create applications using location services. I advise that only when actively using it, help prevent certain applications (such as Apple Maps or Google Maps) so that it cannot be used without location services.

7. Turn on Wi-Fi support

Do you use a lot of cellular data on iPad? If you are in an area with poor cellular connectivity, you will experience problems with battery life because the cellular antennas on your iPad must work overtime to make the correct connection.

Ipados fixes battery drain issues 8

To avoid this, you can tell your iPad to automatically use Wi-Fi (if available) in a state of poor connectivity. Open the Settings app on your iPad, Touchez Cellular, then turn on the switch next to Wi-Fi Assistant.

8. Reset iPad

There is always a chance that certain settings that are not configured correctly are the main cause of the battery drain problem on your iPad. If iPadOS continues to cause serious battery drain issues even after going through the above fixes then you should consider resetting settings on your iPad.

However, resetting the settings will completely restore all the settings on your iPad to the default settings, which include network related settings. For more details, check out our iPhone reset guide before getting started.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 9

To reset the settings on your iPad, open the Settings app, Touchez General, Touchez Reset, then Touchez Reset all settings.

9. Check the condition of the battery

You can also use various tools to check the battery status of your iPad. However, you may experience battery drain issues on iPadOS due to a damaged battery.

Ipados fixes the battery drain problem 5

There are several free software for Mac and Windows Windows that you can use to easily check the battery status of your iPad. I recommend coconutBattery (Mac) or iMazing (Windows and Mac). In the meantime, check out our guide to checking the battery status of an iPad.

Calculate the cost

Although I did not encounter the problem of draining the battery as I had originally experienced with iPadOS (beta-beta was terrible), it is still a problem. Hopefully Apple It will fully patch iPadOS to avoid such issues in the coming months, but app developers should also do their due diligence. So pay attention to updates and install them when they become available.

Next: You can also use general battery saving tips to increase battery life on your iPad. Click on the link below.

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