Pokémon Masters is the latest Pokémon mobile game, in which you'll have to travel to the Pasio region to become the champion of the Pokémon Masters League. This title is a nod to fans of the saga who have been waiting for years for a title in which they can fight with their Pokémon. Winning in this game will not be easy, especially at the most advanced levels.


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To help you in this adventure we have gathered the tips and tricks that will help you succeed in Pokémon Masters. A guide that will serve both beginners and average users to advance in the game. We explain the basic tips and also some tricks on the statistics of the game. Let's start because it is a lot of information and it is important that you learn it.

The best tricks to succeed in Pokémon Masters

Weaknesses are not very important when you work as a team

The first advice we can give you to stand out in Pokémon Masters is related to the way you build your team. Well, when deciding on a team composition or another you will have to fill in a lot of pre-battle synchronization so your compis work well. The problem is that Pokémon Masters has a system of weaknesses totally different from most Pokémon games.

In the usual Pokémon games it is normal that there is only one type of weakness. This means that regardless of the rules of the game, only the weakness listed matters. A water-type Pokémon can be weak to grass-type or electric attacks, but never to two Pokémon at the same time. This means that your attacks will not be super effective by combining different skills but it will also be easy to identify the Pokémon you use and opt for attacks with a strong weakness for your opponents. In this way, it is easy for you to concentrate on defeating your opponents and best of all, the game box changes color if your opponent is weak and they also tell you directly while you are playing. Synergy is more important than weaknesses because of the multiple type in this game.

Learn how Pokémon Masters statistics work

Learn how Pokémon Masters statistics work

Another aspect that you must control in this game are the statistics of your Pokémon. In a game like this, in real time, the statistics are not equal to those of the other Pokémon games and here the most important will be the speed with which our Pokémon can attack. This speed is now measured and allows us to attack according to the motion bar. It is a shared resource and groups the speed of the 3 Pokémon so the speed improvements that affect the whole team will be the ones that give us the most advantage on the battlefield. Let us now detail the other statistics in Pokémon Masters.

These are the statistics you have in Pokémon Masters

  • $: amount of damage your Pok√©mon can take.
  • Attack: Improves the damage inflicted with physical movements.
  • Defending: Reduces the damage of physical movements.
  • At. Esp: Improves the damage inflicted with special movements.
  • Def. Esp: Reduces the damage of special movements.
  • Speed: Increases the speed with which the movement indicator is filled.

Find the best team in Pokémon Masters

While most games of this type need months for you to have the most powerful characters, it is not necessary here. Pokémon Masters throws you into story mode with everything you need and although at first you don't have many options unless you complete the chapters, there will be many pairs of compis that will work great.

The best compositions of the team in Pokémon Masters usually have two supports (people who can receive enough damage) and a strong Pokémon that does a lot of damage.

  • At first the best combination will be pink Y Snivy.
  • In chapter 5 you can move on to Skyla Y Swanna.
  • In chapter 6 characters like Korrina Y Lucario They are a very good option.
  • In chapter 11 you will have to Hau Y Alolan Raichu, of the most powerful pairs in this game.

What do you think of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčusing these devices?

Don't spend money on improving your Pokémon as soon as you can

In Pokémon Masters, as in most good Pokémon games, One of the most important parts is to evolve your Pokémon. However, it takes a fairly high level to do so (levels 30 or 45) and then you must defeat a very powerful enemy in a one-on-one combat. These battles are quite complicated and it is possible that, if you try fast, you fail. Every attempt you make to evolve a Pokémon will consume evolutionary materials and you already know what it means. Pokémon Masters is a micropayment game and if you spend these attempts you will have to pay real money in the store to get more. The best thing is that you make sure you don't throw these recipes overboard.

The evolution of Pokémon increases statistics slightly although in the final evolution there is a powerful change in those Pokémon. Its sync power increases and is worth it. But, as we have said, the ideal is that you do not try to evolve your Pokémon as soon as you can, that you do it later when you feel that you are prepared to win in that strong battle that you must face.

So you can win many coins in Pokémon Masters

Like all collection games, exchanging and collecting coins will be part of your entire adventure and is the only way to buy certain game items. You will need time to gather the necessary coins for many of the objects and in each battle you will receive hundreds of coins but many items in the store cost thousands of coins or more than that.

The best way to get many coins in Pokémon Masters is to complete Coin Supertraining Courses that appear in your tasks. These courses alternate daily and you can do each level 3 times. If you complete them, they are the best way to get free coins since you can grow pearls and large pearls that will be sold for 1000 and 3000 coins. That is the reason why these courses help you get many coins.

Save coins and you will increase your movement indicator

Once you have a good amount of coins thanks to the previous advice, you may wonder what are the best purchases you can make in this game. At the beginning of the evolution, the packages will be the best way forward in history but the most important as you advance and the speed of your Pokémon increases will be the additional motion bar slots.

We know that they are very expensive, since 30,000 and 100,000 coins are not easy to get but buying these items is the most important for the most complicated parts of the Pokémon Maters adventure. Try to reach the first extra slot as soon as possible and that will increase the energy of your coaches and their ability to synchronize on the battlefield.

Enhancers increase your level, we explain how to get them

Enhancers increase your level, we explain how to get them

Another thing that will allow you to strengthen your Pokémon is to level them up. The only way to achieve this is with enhancers and you will need several to increase the statistics of your Pokémon.

The only way to get these boosters now is to extract a synchronization pair more than five times. In the sixth and beyond this extraction the power is maximized and you receive a 3, 4 or 5 star ignition. This operation requires spending a lot of money on gems So it is quite unfeasible that you get to collect these star enhancers but it is possible that future updates make this easier to get for free.

See how AI works to improve on the battlefield

With 3 compis in the game it is difficult to know which Pokémon is going to be attacked by AI. However, heavy offensive Pokémon can't stand a lot of heat and that's important, because you'll want to keep them out of the game. The good news of all this is that Pokémon Masters AI will always attack Pokémon with more defensive power. What the game does is to calculate in a hidden way the value of life, defense and special defense and attack the Pokémon with this highest value until they faint and then pass to the highest (giving you some advantage).

In this way, you will know that putting a Pokémon with a lot of life will help you keep another one with less life but more attack power. This is a huge advantage that you should know since if you use two strong supports it will be easy for you to defeat your opponents in a short time. Here it will depend a little on your way of playing but to know this part is to have half past game and eliminate headaches.

Don't activate automatic battle mode ever

In the upper right menu of the screen there is a hidden lever that allows you to activate the automatic battle mode. The automatic fight saves us time by distributing levels or objects in many games but not in this one. In Pokémon Masters the fighting system automatic works pretty badly and will often use the most expensive movement in a single Pokémon ignoring the coach's movements. You can only use this mode if your team is very level and you know that you will win or you will encounter many lost matches.

Advanced trick for Pokémon Masters

Pokémon games offer you a random team every time you start And it's not something new in the saga. Well, it may take hours to get a stroke of luck but starting over again and again until the team of your dreams appears is something you can do while you have patience for it.

In Pokémon Masters you don't have to start the game over and over again since the compis you'll find in story mode are strong enough to complete the game. However, if your goal is to get 5 star compis when you start you can restart the game as many times as you want and it only takes about 20 minutes. The best compis that can play you are Karen and Phoebe, if you're lucky they will appear.

How to start the game again in Pokémon Masters

How to start the game again in Pokémon Masters?

  • Play until end of chapter 2 always.
  • Collect your mission rewards.
  • Link your Nintendo account by touching the Porygophone in the lower right and click on Account.
  • Make seven individual runs. There are no advantages in 10 rolls.
  • To restart just browse to where you've linked the Nintendo account before and Touchez Remove.

This will automatically unlink your Nintendo account and you can try again and again until you get the compis you want. We hope that these tips and tricks of the guide for Pokémon Masters will be pearl. You just have to ask us things if you have questions in the comments. This game is the great alternative to those who miss the fighting in Pokémon Go.

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