9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite


Facebook Fan pages are one of the few social media channels that users can use to personalize the page. Instead of a mediocre user interface, business owners and professionals can now Use HTML code to improve yours Facebook Presence of fan page to promote and further develop the brand.


Rich content creates an unforgettable interface that makes people talk, a viral ad or competition goes viral, improves fan engagement, and more.

Important one Hub To reach millions of potential followers, you'll need to update your game and optimize your fan page to reach your ultimate goal.

(Important update:: Facebook It is no longer compatible with FBML. See the articles in Facebook iFrame.) Thanks to the powerful, anything is possible Facebook Application known as Static FBMLMany people may not be aware of the improved functionality that FBML provides to a fan site, such as B. Free creation and naming of your tabs or graphics. For those curious about how powerful static FBML can be, let's see here:

# 1: Welcome page

The primary purpose of a congratulatory record is Give an overview of your site: what can you offer to people who like your site and why should they care?Stop supplying new visitors with a sales pitch. instead of convincing them with solid reasons to remain followers. You have an opportunity to impress them. So make sure your greeting record works – greet visitors with enthusiasm, click “Like” or look at the specific tabs. Mini sites, Flash, and webcasts are just a few of the advanced methods you can use to create a vibrant and effective splash page.

# 2: Social profiles and contact information

Ever wonder why some settings don't appear on the Info tab? For example, there is no place where you can specify your opening hours and location, while other sites do. You have probably chosen the wrong type of fan page during the installation process. Since deleting and restoring a fan page with large numbers of people who like your pages is not an option, Static FBML offers you an option Provide your company's contact information as often as you like..

# 3: testimonial page

When it comes to service providers and specialists, nothing is more compelling than an opinion page. You can create a static testimonial page or have a designer create an attractive design to get users' attention. How you choose to display your testimonial page is limited only by its relevance and creativity. You can do a lot with static FBML, including sending video statements and organizing customer reviews on your preferred order.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 1

# 4: Newsletter and registration form

You can easily place a registration form on your "Welcome" tab or as a field in the sidebar of the fan page. Wherever you put it, make sure it's visible at all times so people can log in. It's an additional opportunity to build a strong audience and leadership base with email marketing. Like some of the famous services. great and MailChimp Enter the HTML code for the static FBML to allow users to place a subscription form on a selected tab.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 2

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 3

# 5: secret membership area

It's hard to get visitors to like your fan site. Prepare more useful resources, behind the scenes, anything you can think of to add value. It can be a newsletter or private content with tips and tricks, business guidelines, or videos available only to people who like your site.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 4

# 6: Contests and special events

For fan pages with regular monthly events or contests, A tab can be used as a bulletin board for fans to check details and deadlinesA share button makes it easier for everyone to share exciting news with their friends. Give it a try and see how your information can work in front of your eyes.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 5

# 7: article link

Have you ever wondered what you can do for these old but timeless posts on your blog? Why not give them additional visibility by placing an "old but good" box next to your fanbox? Pay attention to yourself with a little creativity and occasionally mention them in your ads. You can rotate the frequency of email links or even email categories to offer visitors a wide variety, as shown in Fan with social browser fanAbove all, it is much better than usual. Social RSS Only the most recent entries are displayed.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 6

# 8: job board

People turn to social media to look for job opportunities. No wonder he does itself Facebook The fan site even has a tab that we put, There are 200 million active users who log in Facebook Everyday. If your company has job offers, you can place a job ad on your fan page.

9 Ways to improve yours Facebook fansite 7

# 9: Analysis

Who wants to forget the popular Google Analytics post about the magic code we put in the FBML tabs to track page visits? If we combine this fantastic method with static FBML, we can now decide which FBML tabs we keep which tabs.

Did you play around with static FBML to improve your fan site? Tell us your experiences and success stories.