Since the last days, a server and several hundred users have been reporting calls from 912079492. Given the origin of the prefix 912, the number in question has its origin in the Community of Madrid. The question lies in whether it is a private or company telephone number. Who is 912079492 really? We see it below.


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Call 912079492, who is it?

“I have received several calls from the number 912 079 492 and I don't know who it is”, “I return the call after seeing several missed calls and nobody picks it up”, “They have called me on the weekend and I don't know who it can be”. These and many other testimonies are some of the most recurring reports by users affected by the calls of the number 912 07 94 92. Who is hiding behind it?

Vodafone, so we have been able to confirm it after picking up the call several times. From the team we have insisted that the different telemarketers eliminate our telephone number from the operator's base and the calls continue to be made from the same number and from different numbering variations.

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Thus, we strongly recommend proceeding to block the number through several of the methods that we will detail below.

How to block calls from 912079492 and other spam numbers

Blocking calls from the number 912079492 and other phone numbers involves a process that depends on whether we have a mobile line or a landline.

In the first case, the steps to follow are as simple as using applications to block spam numbers. While on Android we can meet True Caller, on iPhone we can make use of Mr. Number.

Once we have installed the application on our smartphone, we will add the number in question to the blacklist and we will activate the spam filter so that calls are permanently blocked.

In case we have a landline, the procedure is based on registering our data on the Robinson List website. The platform, led by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy, obliges all companies to cease making calls for advertising purposes.

robinson list

We will only have to add our personal information and the telephone numbers where we want to stop receiving calls and automatically the platform will be in charge of updating its database, which the different companies will have to use. In a period not exceeding two months we will stop receiving calls of this type.

Spam numbers identified by

  • 918382964
  • 912041600
  • 912135900
  • 662991273
  • 912016240
  • 912916065
  • 911251946
  • 935010142
  • 900861783
  • 921750012
  • 910210912
  • 693955444
  • 910950608
  • 918288511
  • 644908448
  • 983070391
  • 601617251
  • 987795168
  • 912582550
  • 3346249265
  • 911418290
  • 6672809200
  • 931770578
  • 2626
  • 954328565
  • 556
  • 911455784
  • 962012007
  • 910768022
  • 800760150
  • 932142205
  • 900900861
  • 918288528
  • 662991941
  • 636634795
  • 912048500
  • 965060481
  • 900920803
  • 912860985
  • 917371066
  • 964800099
  • 1170539014
  • 965060480
  • 910888992
  • 963787635
  • 917371720
  • 5547428667

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