99 will have camera to record inside and outside vehicles

by Kelvin
99 will have camera to record inside and outside vehicles

On Friday (25), 99 announced that it will offer the installation of new cameras in the cars of its associated drivers, which will be able to record images and sounds inside and outside the vehicles. The novelty is another of the company’s efforts to reinforce the safety of partner drivers and passengers alike.

The company wants to replace the old cameras that record only the interior of cars with devices capable of capturing sounds and images from the outside as well. The idea is to capture possible occurrences, such as traffic accidents or any type of violence.


The new camera uses a lens that widens the field of view, and is equipped with GPS and dedicated 4G internet. This means drivers won’t need to share their smartphone’s mobile data with the device. Also, images will be captured at all times, only in platform runs.

As an extra safety feature, there is an emergency button on the equipment, so that the driver can alert the center in case there is something unforeseen. If activated, the central will monitor the images in real time, and will be able to contact the police, if deemed necessary.

Risk of abuse of privacy

99 claims that its security camera system complies with laws on privacy and handling of sensitive data since it was implemented in 2018. At the moment, the company is already in compliance with the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which came into effect recently.

Replacing old cameras is free. Drivers installing the new cameras for the first time will have to pay R$50, in addition to a weekly fee of R$10.

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