99 years of free premium: Pocket Casts responds to controversy

by Kelvin
The best podcast app is now free: new Pocket Casts with subscription

One of the most important news of yesterday was the change of business model of Pocket Casts. The application that has been paid for years became free for all users, a change that has pleased many but not so much others.

While users who used the mobile application does not grant any benefit to those who had paid (well, for me yes, because I had Pocket Cast paid on Android and now I also have it on the iPad), there were problems with users who They had paid for the web client.


99 years of Premium Pocket Casts for those who bought the web client

Pocket Casts is an application available for mobile and tablets with Android and iOS, but the most passionate about podcasting could also enjoy the catalog on their computer through a web client, Windows and MacOS.

This is what Pocket Casts Plus offers.

The desktop client was the most expensive, priced at 10 euros, which is now part of the Pocket Casts Plus subscription. The users of this client are the ones who have lost the most, because in this almost if they lose an alternative for which they had paid.

To compensate these users, in Pocket Casts they decided to give three years of Premium to users who would have paid for that customer. It is a good deal, but it is still a loss to three years.

99 years of free premium: Pocket Casts responds to controversy 2

The company has had to rectify, understanding that it is not fair that the users who bet more on them are those who were abandoned. In a new blog post they have decided to rectify the initial declaration, giving lifetime access to these users.

In XDA Developers They have uploaded the image of one of their readers, where it is seen that the subscription of their account has gone from 3 to 99 years, understanding that as a subscription for life. Although who knows if in 99 years any of the users of Pocket Casts Plus is still here complaining about it.

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