A boy blocks his mother's iPhone for 47 years for putting the bad

by Kelvin

The PIN They were designed as security systems so that no unwanted person entered our phones without our permission. If there are many failed attempts, the terminal will be blocked for a while so that we remember the PIN or look for another way to restore it, but the news that concerns us today is surreal because of the waiting time involved.

According report Asian media, the Two-year-old son of a woman in Shanghai it has locked the phone to his mother for the next 47 years. The little one was playing with the mobile and watching videos when it was blocked, to which the child responded by touching buttons and incorrectly entering the PIN repeatedly. So many failed attempts resulted in a 25 million minute block, which is equivalent to about 47 years.


A boy blocks his mother's iPhone for 47 years for putting the bad 3

A technician of the Apple Store in Shanghai indicated that at this point he had left wait those years to put the PIN or erase all the data and reset the factory phone. From the Apple Store have indicated that they saw cases up to 80 years by the same method of blocking by failed PIN and a child involved. "I couldn't wait 47 years to tell my grandchildren it was his father's fault", said the affected after this curious case.

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