A brute force tool unlocks the iPhone with Jailbreak

by Kelvin
A brute force tool unlocks the iPhone with Jailbreak 1

The new brute force tool finds the iPhone lock code

One of the most important hacker and developer of the jailbreak, Majd Alfhaily, has created a tool which works only through a USB connection and which allows brute force access to iOS devices protected with the access code, testing each of the possible combinations.

A brute force tool unlocks the iPhone with Jailbreak 2

In maximum 14 hours you could know our lock code with this tool

The tool that has been created by the hacker, Alfhaily, it could take a maximum of 14 hours to try all possible combinations of codes from 0000 to 9999 that will unlock the device, unlike the original tool that could take about 110 hours. This is possible thanks to the fact that when coding your new tool, it has prepared it so that the device does not deactivate after 10 erroneous attempts, in addition to the fact that the test attempt time between one code and another is only 5 seconds, instead of 40 seconds.


Although the existence of this tool could be of concern to most users, if not all. In fact, this tool is revealing, but it does not mean that our iPhone is in imminent danger.

About this tool we must take into account the following:

  • The iPhone that does not have the Jailbreak cannot be affected by this hack, since it requires the execution of unsigned code.
  • The person who wants to do this hack should have physical access to the device.
  • The use of a complex access code could help exponentially increase the security of a device, making it difficult to unlock and therefore unusable.

This tool would work only with devices with Jailbreak

Of course, the use of this type of tool is doubtful and is even clearly condemned in certain cases, such as when trying to unlock a stolen iPhone, so the mere fact that this possibility exists is somewhat worrisome.

In any case the most advisable thing is that, if you use a device with Jailbreak, try to use a password as complex as possible to make it more difficult unlock the iPhone in case of loss or theft With tools of this type.

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