A change no one was waiting for. After switching on YouTubeAnd a great autoplay advertisement will attack you on TV

by Kelvin
A change no one was waiting for. After switching on YouTubeAnd a great autoplay advertisement will attack you on TV

Hooray, larger ads – they will soon be able to shout joyfully owners of smart TVs. In the application YouTube finally, there will be great full-screen ads, which is exactly what nobody was waiting for. Outside of advertisers.

More and more people are watching YouTubeAnd not only on the bus on smartphones, in the toilet on the tablet, or stealthily on the computer, pretending to be meticulously analyzing the Excel sent by the head. The largest streaming platform is also increasingly being launched on smart TVs. Already 250 million hours of content on YouTube per day is viewed on large flat screens. Google is going to monetize it better, and advertisers are already rubbing their hands.


Great advertisement at the top of the application soon on YouTube.

YouTube Masthead is this big advertisement which is displayed in the browser at the very top of the main page of the website. Until now, fans of watching wild scouts of funny cats on TVs did not have to deal with her much, now it will change. Google is proud to announce that so far only in beta, but has already introduced it in the TV application. It debuted in the favorite version of all, i.e. the autoplay version, which will start automatically after a few seconds. The good news is that the ad will be muted by default, so you don't have to worry about a sudden roar from the speakers as soon as you open the application. Evil that if left for a few seconds, it will expand to full screen on its own, although it is not small in the basic version. On the TV screen in presented by YouTube’And the demo looks like it still occupies a larger portion of the screen in its original size.

Ordinary users of the platform will not like this conversion, but advertisers and Google will be delighted with it. Companies will be willing to pay dearly to display in this place their short film about a cream that rejuvenates, flows into the laundry, after which the clothes are like new or dog food, after which this looks and behaves and again like a puppy, but not peeing at home. Nice watch.

YouTube advertising can be turned off. Just pay for the YT Premium plan.