A Fallout 76 player takes advantage of a game crash to build her underground camp

by Kelvin

Fallout 76 had a multitude of failures in its launch that has been gradually mitigating, but today it still has bugs and glitches that can affect the gaming experience, although they do not always have to do it in a negative way or if not to tell this player who has built a camp under the world of Fallout 76 thanks to a failure of Bethesda's own game. MrsP123, so is your username, has pulled ingenuity and has taken advantage of a glitch that took her under the world of Fallout 76 to build their own camp, out of reach of those of the enemies.

This player's camp is located in a region north of the Whitespring train station and away from Route 63. Thanks to a glitch in the construction tools, this camp has been created and friends can access. So much has been the stir that Kotaku has contacted in person with her to tell how she has built such a place. “The biggest headache when building under the map is getting the first foundation correctly", He said. “It took me several hours to place and take the same two pieces. The trick is to make sure you have a way out. I use two stairs to the ground for easy access".


Although the mistakes in the game have their own drawbacks. Being under the main map means that if you take a false step surely die in the fall. “My greenhouses are also a glitch, they float freely, but I built a walkway for people”said MrsP123. “The blank space below the map means instant death. If anyone leaves the platform, he dies. So I placed a series of fences to keep people safe. ”. If you want to take a look at the shelter built under the basement of Fallout 76, she has prepared a curious video in the form of a virtual tour:

Other players have been able visit this camp, where the intelligence of the players is mixed to take advantage of any failure of Fallout 76 and the mentioned failures. It is curious to see how so cozy and safe a camp has been created so absurd, apart from any danger, except gravity, of course.

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