A look at the Huawei Watch GT smart watch


Today we are reviewing Huawei Watch GT smart watches with AMOLED displays and leather straps that not only compete with mechanical, electronic and quartz watches, but completely block the purchase of expensive VIP calls.


This type of watch design is classic. That is, this is a complete ordinary watch, only with the partial capacity of a smartphone. Huawei Watch GT-B7E is designed in a minimalist and conservative design that is universal for most watches.


The rope is tied with sliding hooks on both sides. In the center of the back surface is a scanner and sensor, and two magnetic holders to connect to the magnetic charge. False adjustment screw is located on the right edge; here the screw is an excessive component, because it has no function, but the manufacturer decides not to deviate from the general principle of building design.

Huawei Watch GT

This case is carved with a numerical time indicator with a period of five seconds. Bevel, therefore, does not exist, on the contrary, the depression is made of a polished metal face.

Below is the AMOLED screen of the electronic dial itself. The glass, which is mounted on the matrix, has a brilliant color.

Technical specifications

Smart watches have the following specifications:

  • Type: smart watch;
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Platform support: from Android 4.4 and iOS 9;
  • Notification displaying or responding: SMS, letter, calendar, Facebook, Climate of Twitter;
  • Vibration: yes;
  • Kasing material: stainless steel, plastic, ceramic;
  • Bracelet / Strap Material: Leather;
  • Time display method: digital (electronic);
  • Protection against moisture: is;
  • Waterproof class: WR50 (bathing, swimming without diving);
  • Adjustable bracelet / strap length: yes;
  • Dimensions (WxHxT): 46.5 × 46.5 × 10.6mm;
  • Weight: 46g;
  • Display type (matrix): AMOLED, touch, with backlight;
  • Diagonal 1.39 inches;
  • Resolution: 454 × 454;
  • Number of pixels per inch (PPI): 327;
  • Headphone jack: none;
  • Phone calls: only notifications of incoming calls;
  • Cellular Internet: none;
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS;
  • Interface: Bluetooth 4.2 LE;
  • Total internal memory: 128 MB;
  • RAM Amount: 16 MB;
  • Additional functions: sleep monitor, calories, physical activity;
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, altimeter, light sensor, built-in heart rate monitor with the ability to measure heart rate continuously;
  • Battery: non-removable;
  • Battery capacity: 420 mAh;
  • Standby time: 720 hours;
  • Active time: 22 hours;
  • Charging time: 120 min;
  • Additional information: smart alarm, navigation system: Galileo.

The watch-mounted display is made with One Glass Solution technology, which enables it to provide information that is clearly displayed due to the reduced level of density between the display and the matrix.

The most important thing in this device is to use an active matrix with organic LEDs. The clock display behaves normally on a normal sunny day, while the information remains readable.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT

Part of the collapse interface is observed during a call to the Notification Center and when viewing the menu to select a call. Inside the device, a dual-core processor from an unknown manufacturer is used. Neither the clock frequency nor other parameters are spoken. The communication module is excluded only by the presence of Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, as well as by packet transfers that include firmware.

The firmware itself has a separate download format from the Internet. Because Bluetooth 4.2 LE is an old data transfer format, the download speed is low here: 650 Kbps. It is true that Huawei provides software weighing no more than 10 MB. Only the most critical problems and defects are fixed. Everything else can contain new calls and individual items.

The smart watch turns on and starts working only with an active connection to the smartphone. After the initial setup, the smartphone is no longer needed, however, this way you will not be able to control the data received about the heart rate and the number of steps taken with the smartphone.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT

In addition, you can view the load data type, set your own walking or running levels in training using three templates, showing distance and differentiation of movement changes using a GPS tracker, and also view the plan of training.


Huawei GT runs on the Android Wear operating system. This system is designed to slide the screen for control with a selection of various parameters. Four axis movements (vertical and horizontal) are supported around the entire screen.

Desktop replacement does not support multitasking, therefore simple finger-on-screen environmental changes are used. To the right of the button is a heart rate monitor The weather, which communicates directly with the Huawei Health application on smartphones, where it retrieves geolocation data and through an Internet connection. Next, a calorie counter is installed that shows how long it takes to walk / run and how many times a person sits.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT

Pressing and holding the center of the screen for a long time causes the button to be selected. This is not done smoothly and quickly, and sometimes you have to wait a long time or do a second operation, because a slight movement of the finger to the side is enough for the equipment to not work.

Swiping left is always action return, one that leaves the parameters running in memory, so that when you access it again, save the position when you launch the quick menu from the side button.

The operating system does not support the “Notification Center” in other environments, except for the initial startup (call) screen. This restriction interferes with work and does not allow you to set quick actions from the lightning fast drop down window.

Huawei Watch GT

The "swipe from top to bottom" action opens the parameter options for quick actions. This includes Do Not Disturb mode, which can dampen vibrations of received notifications when idle. "Display time" sets an interval of five minutes where AMOLED displays do not turn off. This is done for lovers who often look at similar AMOLED watches and matrices, which are prone to fatigue, waiting times have increased. “Phone Search”: In my opinion, this is the most needed smart watch function.

The principle of using the functionality is designed to ensure that the watch is always on the wrist, but the smartphone is placed somewhere on the table or on the floor, then you can not see it. To quickly find a cell phone, run commands and audible signals on devices that are in the distance, even if the sound is turned off. The “Lock” mode closes access to the device, leaving only the rotation, the swipe is inactive and you can remove the key by holding down the bottom side button for a long time.

Huawei Watch GT

Below is the “Settings” section, which includes the submenus “Screen”, “Do not disturb”, “System”, “Information”. The menu control method is only through the touch screen and does not use buttons.

In "Display", you can customize the appearance of the dial, which consists of 14 Thematic Types, each of which has a particular focus on the characteristics of your daily routine; for example, he spends more time running, where he needs to control calories or be in a group of people in a business center meeting and must look closely. This section also involves increasing the brightness level in the form of offset numbers, which cannot be configured in the control center. Most of this cannot be considered a problem. They look at the watch quickly for information without taking the time to stare at the screen for a long time, but the presence in the drop-down window can be a nice asset for users.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT

Do not disturb disables vibrations on the watch. There is no soundtrack here, so this is its only function. Here you can also set a time to disable vibrations, for example if you are going to sleep.

"System" has the standard Android settings. Than Restart, Inactive and Restore. However, you can restart by holding down both side buttons.

"Information" contains Device Name, Model, MAC address(to select an address when connected via Bluetooth, if the installation does not work automatically), YN (serial number) and Regulation (information).

Swiping down on the main screen (call) opens the smartphone notification window with a shortcut. Popular apps like Whats App and Instagram displays your own shortcuts from the appropriate application on the smartphone.

Dust and moisture resistant watches.

We checked the watch in the test to see the effect of the aquatic environment: submerged in the bathtub and placed under the flow of water. In accordance with the WR50 standards, which are indicated in the characteristics, you can dive into the sea and swim calmly in the bath. The abbreviation "WR" stands for water resistant, and "50" stands for 50 meters and a pressure of 5ATM (five atmospheres).

The watch is capable of intermittent contact with water vapor, but such devices are not designed for daily swimming or sports. This standard is subject to category III, it is resistant to splashes, rain and swimming, but it is not officially subject to recommendations for use for diving and diving.

Working time

Smart watches work no more than 6-7 days in almost all situations where users see the dial or want other information, such as heart rate and calories. Charging is done via a special round magnetic charger, which is connected separately to the adapter (not included) by cable. It is also possible to recharge by connecting to a computer.


The smart watch in the Android Wear operating system has a place to be in the portable device market. Thanks to the postulate Steve Jobs, who believed that users only needed to provide basic functions for the control, they managed to make a good device that fulfilled all the assigned functions, which was enough for time.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT

However, the Huawei GT is still an inexpensive device. You won't find a microphone, speakers, SIM card tray, and an external camera here to handle incoming calls. The GT model niche is strictly defined, this is an addition to a smartphone, not a separate device from it. This is confirmed by the existence of a permanent connection with Huawei Health and the reception of data packets via Bluetooth. Its average price 12,990 rubles is a bit expensive, but you can always find it cheaper in third-party stores, which already seems profitable if you have an AMOLED array.

Huawei Watch GT repeats the imitation of a classic watch in a simple design, making it very easy to use. The presence of stripped Android functionality helps in the fastest way to tackle everyday tasks.

In short, that will explain the pros and cons of the device.

The advantage:

  • Great classic and versatile look, style suitable for most situations.
  • The display mounted AMOLED matrix is ​​suitable for bright sunlight, and does not irritate the eyes at night either.
  • The AMOLED matrix allows you to display only active images, without using the rest of the pixels: black remains black, consumes less power.
  • This watch has a barometer to measure pressure and a compass to orient yourself on the ground.
  • The watch battery can last up to seven days.

Huawei Watch GT


  • The interface is designed so that the Control Center only works on the main screen.
  • There are no changes in brightness in the Control Center.
  • Android Wear does not support multitasking.
  • Clocks often slow down, especially when choosing the type of player

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