A month after its launch, the Australian tracking app records its first positive contact

by Kelvin
A month after its launch, the Australian tracking app records its first positive contact

The first assessment of the Australian contact tracking application, launched a month ago, is mixed to say the least. A blitz advertising and strong government communication allowed Covidsafe to settle in smartphones than six million Australians – not bad for a total of 25 million people. But this is insufficient compared to the target targeted by the government, which was 40% of the population using the application. In addition, the pace of downloads has decreased in recent weeks.

On the one hand, the perception of risk fell after the implementation of deconfinement. On the other hand, the opacity with which the authorities presented the application certainly did not help either, nor did the technical limits linked to the use of Bluetooth: to function properly, Covidsafe had indeed to be present in the foreground on an iPhone always on … The government has long turned a deaf ear on the subject, before agreeing that effectively, the use of the application was not optimal.

Over the updates, Covidsafe has improved, however, without completely solving an equation that only the Exposure Notification APIApple and Google has the key. This common solution is also being examined by the Australian health authorities, but integrating it within the app would require a lot of substantive work (the United Kingdom is also considering this possibility).


Covidsafe was presented by Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, as a ” important protection In the fight against the pandemic, as essential as sunscreen to put on the skin to escape the painful consequences of the country’s sun. The tone has changed: the app is no longer ” way to freedom But simply one of the building blocks of Australia’s reopening strategy alongside the physical distancing rules, tests and COVID-19 inspectors.

It wasn’t until last week that a first Covidsafe user reported positive and agreed to upload their data. The authorities were then able to call all those who were in prolonged contact. A rather slim balance sheet therefore in view of the significant investment of the government. Australia and France have chosen a different model than that ofApple and Google, by which it is a central server which processes the maximum of operations (read: Facing the API Apple and Google, the government is trying to convince StopCovid).

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