A new 3D printer in two colors looks out for $ 125

by Kelvin
axis 3d

3D printers have long invaded the homes of millions of people around the world, allowing product customization, parts repair, figure creation and all that this technology is capable of offering.

Within the world of 3D printers we can find some really expensive models, but today we are going to present the cheapest thing we have seen among those capable of printing in two colors: the 3D Axis.


This is a model that seeks funding in kickstarter, a printer with open source technology with industry standard components tested and designed to work properly.

They have merged the movement system and the frame of the printer, thus reducing the number of pieces to a minimum, which makes the price go down without hurting the specifications:

Here you have it working on video:

They promise that, contrary to what happens when buying a 3D printer in China, they will send an easy-to-assemble kit with a very high quality online construction manual with high resolution images and easy steps to follow. The assembly will be made piece by piece, which helps to better understand how the printer works.

The AXIS 3D printer will work with the latest version of the popular Marlin firmware and works with the vast majority of industry standard software. It has a volume of 300x200x200 mm. It has a 24 V power supply and can reach 270 degrees Celsius, perfect for printing the vast majority of materials.

Surely they manage to reach the 22,000 euros they are requesting, since they are currently at about 9,000, with 30 days of campaign ahead.

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