A new filtration of Google Pixel 4 confirms 90 Hz and rec. facial

by Kelvin
Una nueva filtración del Google Pixel 4 confirma los 90 Hz y el rec. facial

We are already quite tired of talking about the Google Pixel 4 and its older brother. We do not know if Google is doing it on purpose or that it has no control over the information on your device. At this point, we are sure that it has already surpassed its predecessor in leaks and we can catalog it as the most leaked phone in history. We have gone from seeing some periodic filtration to having several daily leaks on the terminal. But well, our duty is to inform you of the latest news about it.

It has been the people of XDA Developers who have published these images published on Weibo. In them, we can see two things: the first, the process to add our face to the facial recognition of the phone. The second, the definitive confirmation that the Google Pixel 4 will feature a 90 Hz screen, characteristic of which we already saw indications thanks to the source code of Android 10 and which is finally confirmed.


The Google Pixel 4 will allow you to add several faces to the face unlock

The truth is that at this point we believe that it is not worth explaining what it is and how facial unlocking works. What does deserve a mention, is to remember that the facial recognition of Google Pixel 4 will be advanced, so it will be very similar to the FaceID of Apple. Combining this technology with the soli radar we were talking about this morning, the experience of using this type of unlocking will be better than average. In the capture that we leave under these lines, we clarify a few more details about this security system.

First of all (we have used the Google translator to understand it), the Google Pixel 4 facial recognition will work even when we wear sunglasses or sunglasses that are not very dark. It also mentions something about the movement of the eyes, so it is probably a safety measure to avoid being falsified. In this section, we see that at the bottom it says something about several brothers / family members. We intuit that it will be the possibility of adding two faces as a security method (like who adds two fingerprints), to give access to our partner, friend …

Finally, and for those who doubt the security and privacy of this method, Google wanted to remember that facial data is stored in the device's internal memory and that we can delete them at any time. That said, considering this locking system, we do not expect to see a fingerprint reader on the screen in this Google Pixel 4.

Features Google Pixel 4 XL

Yesterday we brought you some of the features of the Google Pixel 4 XL. The photograph did not show all of them, despite being a capture of an application where the technical details are shown. Well, today we can see some more. We know this is the Google Pixel 4 XL by the 6.23-inch screen, but also we finally see its refresh rate clearly: 90 Hz. We also want to highlight that your RAM will be 6 GB (not what 8 GB we talked about a few days ago) and will be LPDDR4X technology.

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