A new iOS 13 bug allows third-party keyboards to spy on us without our consent

by Kelvin
iOS 13 con modo oscuro


The new version of the operating system of Apple, iOS 13 It is already available for download since last September 19 for a large number of iPhone devices. But this new version is not perfect and there are many users who have reported annoying bugs. Today, Apple has recognized one more, with respect to third-party keyboards.


The failures presented by the new version of iOS 13 are so palpable that even the US government recommends not updating. Now we have known that Apple is warning users of a new security issue in iOS 13 that affects third-party keyboard applications, which could be run as a standalone application or request "full access" without our permission, in order to communicate with other applications and provide additional functions.

Apple states that the bug will be fixed in an upcoming update

As reported by the company itself, “In a future software update, a problem that affects third-party keyboard applications will be fixed. This problem only applies if you have installed third-party keyboards on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Third-party keyboard extensions on iOS can be designed to run completely independently, without access to external services, or they can request »full access« to provide additional functions through network access. Apple You have discovered an error in iOS 13 and iPadOS that may result in full access to keyboard extensions even if you have not approved this access. «

keyboard running on an iPhone

Because of this security flaw, third-party keyboards, such as GBoard, SwiftKey or Grammarly, could collect key press data without our consent and send them through their servers, which could jeopardize user data With a bad use. This security flaw does not affect the keyboard incorporated by Apple, so that, the company recommends that any external keyboard be uninstalled until the subsequent update that corrects this error is published.

This bugs found in iOS 13 does not affect those third-party keyboards that do not use the “full access” function, something that we can check if we go to the keyboard settings and check the options of the installed keyboards.

Keyboard settings on an iPhone

When we grant full access to a keyboard like Gboard, we are allowing you to search directly on Google from the keyboard. By performing this option, all searches will be sent directly to Google, although no other data will be shared. Perhaps in the case of this application, being a known and reputable developer should not worry us too much, but if we install the keyboard application of an unknown developer, we do not know the bad use it can give of this failure.

To erase an external keyboard that we have installed, we must go to «Settings> General> Keyboard» and then press "Keyboards". Click on "Edit" and later on the delete and accept symbol. It is also possible to delete a keyboard by directly removing the installed application.

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