A patent shows the Google smart watch with camera under the screen

by Kelvin
Una patente muestra el reloj inteligente de Google con cámara bajo la pantalla

Rumors already warned of a possible Google smartwatch. a Smartwatch under the Pixel brand, which would undoubtedly be a very interesting complement to current Google devices. During this year we have seen how Google merged the Nest brand and how they announced new mid-range models. However, we have not seen news of the smart watch. Now, a new patent shows a Google smartwatch with a more than interesting feature: a camera under the screen.

The patent was published by Google itself in 2017, and upon expiration, the Lets Go Digital portal has had access to Google's clock schemes and details. It is important to mention that it is a patent, so it might not be a real device. In the photographs we can see a smart watch with a rounded shape and a design very similar to that of the Huawei or Samsung smartwatch. What is most striking is that it has a camera under the screen. We do not know why this lens, since we have not seen any similar technology.


Google may want to incorporate this camera for making video calls or even to unlock the terminal through facial recognition. The sensor is likely to be visible from the bottom. That is, there is no screen to avoid getting light from the sensor. Undoubtedly, a somewhat peculiar design, and that is very likely that we will not see in a few years.

Can Google present a smart watch? Given that this patent is from 2017, we can expect Google to announce a smartwach in the coming months, if not during the presentation of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The catalog of Made by Google products is very wide, but there is still no evidence of an imminent launch, as the leaks are not as pronounced. We will have to wait until October to know if the great G will launch a werable of these characteristics.

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