A privacy error in WhatsApp affects iPhone

by Kelvin
A privacy error in WhatsApp affects iPhone

It has discovered a privacy error in WhatsApp that affects the iPhone, as long as the receiver has a device iOS.


WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app in many countries is not without problems. Although the application is gradually improving to match its rivals and increasingly focuses on security and Privacy, a problem related to this last aspect has appeared.

This privacy error of WhatsApp It is related to the possibility of deleting messages. This function came a while ago to WhatsApp And it can be very useful. But with this error, the function loses all its usefulness.

This privacy error affects the iPhone but not in the way you might think

Specifically, the failure occurs when sending multimedia content, both to groups and to individual contacts. So, if the receiver has a iPhone and we remove the multimedia content, the receiver can continue watching it since it will only be removed from the chat.

This happens if the receiver has activated the configuration that comes when installing WhatsApp. And, keeping that configuration that comes standard, photos and videos are downloaded automatically on the reel of the device iOS.

A privacy error in WhatsApp affects iPhone 2

The function that causes the privacy error

Therefore, when the sender sends them, no matter how much you use the "Delete for all" function, it will not be removed from the reel. This happens, as we have said, as long as the receiver has an iPhone. But it is indifferent that the issuer has an iPhone or any other device.

This is because WhatsApp in iPhone You do not have as much access to the system as in other operating systems. And therefore, you cannot delete the photo or video from the reel. Than WhatsApp Do not have as much access to our device as in other systems is positive. But in this case we are faced with a privacy breach.

We imagine that, in the next version of the application that should arrive with the next update, WhatsApp will try to correct this fault in any case. We will see if they get it, since it is a mistake to consider.

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