A Samsung Galaxy Folding tab could be on its way

by Kelvin
A Samsung Galaxy Folding tab could be on its way

A Samsung Galaxy Folding tab could be on its way 2

At this point, last year we were aware of the more than rumored flexible mobiles. We knew that Samsung was behind that technology, very aware of what they said until in December they showed backlight ends that we would see this year and that we would know as Samsung Galaxy Fold. Today we no longer talk about this terminal, rather, we talk about it in part by knowing that Samsung is working on a flexible tablet.

A Samsung Galaxy Folding tab could be on its way

What could be better than a flexible phone? Well, a bigger one. Mobile device manufacturers are clear that in order to expand into a new segment, new developments must be exploited to the maximum and improved as much as possible. It is also worth taking them to new products where they can get more out of it. We have seen this before if we remember with Apple. We explain ourselves, first came the iPhone and later the iPad, something that Samsung will now do and its flexible devices.


galaxy fold 2

It turns out that the Korean firm is working on a flexible tablet, or what would become a Samsung Galaxy Tab Fold. This name is not the official one, but knowing the company they could not give it a better name to continue with the saga of devices with flexible screens. In LetsGoDigital they have had access to the sketches of the device, which is shown with various aspects in the internal part. What would be the outside, shares a lot with the smartphone.

As you can see, there is a device with a screen on the front of the housing that can be square or rectangular depending on the size in addition to having a triple rear camera. Where there is more difference is inside, where we see a small notch that can be on either side or the central part.

At the moment this is a mere preview of what we could see in the future with a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Fold. Will we see an advance this year or will we have to wait to see the first folding tablets?

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