A series of Marvel "Big" will come to Disney +, but is it part of Phase 4?

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

Marvel announced its plans for the next phase of the MCU in Comic-Con. In doing so, the director of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, confirmed that we will not get any Avengers, Guardian Spider-Man movies in Phase 4. His comments also implied that the sequels of Captain Marvel and Black Panther, both confirmed in Comic-Con, would reach Phase 5 as soon as possible. The same goes for any X Men, Fantastic Four and Consortium inactive movies

In other words, Phase 5 could be even more exciting for the MCU than Phase 4. And that is especially true if the following rumor is legitimate, as a new report says that a "big" series of Marvel will arrive at Disney +.


Disney + will play a leading role in the overall plot of Phase 4, as Marvel He programmed no less than four different television series for the broadcast service: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Lokiy Hawkeye. Besides that, we are also getting a Y si…? animated series in 2021. Several of the superheroes that appeared in the MCU films will also appear in these programs, which should be clear in the program titles.

Having Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner starring in these shows is quite big for Disney +. Not to mention that all these stories will be deeply intertwined with the independent films of Phase 4. What can be bigger than that? We have no idea at this time, apart from the fact that it is "big." The news comes from MCU Cosmic Jeremy Conrad, who learned that Marvel "It has something big in active development for Disney + that will be revealed soon."

How soon is that? Conrad has no idea. It could happen as soon as next week at the next Disney D23 Exhibition, but that's just speculation. Conrad, who has shared several firsts about the MCU in the past, has some ideas about what this project might involve. One possibility is a program about Ms. Marvel, a hero that Feige has already confirmed will enter the MCU in the near future. The other refers to Hulk:

Last year, when I heard about The Eternals and the plans for a Hawkeye solo project, they also told me that there were plans for Hulk beyond Avengers 4, but that they were much farther than Eternals or Hawkeye. It is possible that those Hulk plans involve a series of Disney + events due to the problems surrounding a solo Hulk movie.

OR Marvel I could go after something completely different.

Since we are speculating, what happens if this "big" MCU project is part of Phase 4? After all, if it's about to reveal itself, Marvel I could somehow link it with everything else that comes to theaters and Disney + in the next two years.

Image source: Marvel

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