A simple SMS can leave you without your WhatsApp

by Kelvin
A simple SMS can leave you without your WhatsApp

Soon he will be retired, however, he is still found use, and one not so good. Text messages (SMS) have become the Trojan Horse of hackers, whose target is WhatsApp. Cybercriminals kidnap accounts to ask for rescue later. An amount that varies according to the information found in the application.

As reported by Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) of Spain, thousands of users have become victims of the modality. "Greetings from WhatsApp" is the name of the SMS that they receive on their mobiles, asking them to enter a link that they provide to verify their telephone number. After doing the step, control of the WhatsApp account is lost.



The dangerous SMS was received by thousands of users (ElPais)

This modality of phishing It is different from all the previous ones related to the popular courier service of Facebook. Few users get to distrust the SMS they receive, as it is Very similar to the verification messages received when WhatsApp is activated for the first time.

«Your phone number is no longer registered on this phone. This is probably because you registered your phone number in WhatsApp on a different phone », is the message displayed by the victims.

How to recover WhatsApp account if we were scammed

Luckily for everyone, this time, getting rid of hackers is quite simple. The only thing to do is to request a new verification code from WhatsApp so that the application recognizes our device and not that of the hacker.


To recover our WhatsApp account after falling into the SMS deception, just click on “Verify” that appears just below the notice that notifies us that our number is no longer registered on our device You will receive an SMS, a real one from the company, with a code. You must place this by hand, without copying and pasting.

You may notice The crucial difference between fake SMS and real SMS, the latter does not have a link. With this data they can avoid falling back into the deceit baptized "WhatsApp Greetings". A scam that will continue until the SMS service is removed by the future Google messenger.

Additionally, for added security and to avoid being distracted by surprise, It is best to activate two-step verification. It is a six-digit WhatsApp security code that we must place every time we change cell phones and want to continue with the same account.

The route to follow in the message application is as follows: Settings -> Account -> Two-step verification -> Active.

Fake SMS can also leave you without a mobile

"Greetings from WhatsApp" is just a variant of an attack that has been taking place for a couple of weeks. This was reported by the cybersecurity company Techcrunchdetailed that the SMS that reach the users impersonate OTA updates from telephone companies.

Everyone will remember that when a chip is installed in a new device, SMS messages are received for the correct installation of the telephone service. Well, under this excuse, hackers trick users into downloading malware that quickly takes over the mobile.

Unfortunately, under this modality there is no way to recover the cell phone. Except for a factory reset, which implies the total loss of data.

It is advised that, in case of receiving an SMS requesting permissions to configure the telephone service, Always verify the information directly with the telephone company. Never provide permits if it was not checked that it is a message from the company.

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