a small retro electric, but full of technology

by Kelvin
a small retro electric, but full of technology

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It is definitive: the Honda e already has a production version, which will reach dealerships in order to conquer our cities.

And he has good weapons to get it; Since the first prototypes presented several years ago, this car has captured everyone's attention thanks to its inspirational design retro. But that the round headlights and cube aspect do not fool you, it is actually one of the most technologically advanced models that have left Honda.


On the occasion of the next celebration of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda has decided to publish the photographs and characteristics of the final production model; although in reality, it does not differ much to the prototypes shown so far.

The Honda and definitive sees the light of day

Therefore, the Honda e remains a fully electric car. Unlike other manufacturers, Honda will enter this sector with an urban compact and not with an SUV or a larger car. It is a curious bet at least.

Despite how small it is, Honda promises good figures. The electric motor will be available in two versions, one of 136 horses (100 kW) and another of 154 horses (113 kW), which should be more than enough for such a small and light car.

Instead, the battery pack will reach only 35.5 kWh, a sacrifice necessary for the size; However, Honda says that this is enough to get 220 kilometers on a single charge, although at the moment no tests have been done with the WLTP cycle, so comparisons are difficult.

In any case, it should be enough to circulate through the city, which is the true terrain of this compact. Honda has focused on adapting it to the needs of an "urban lifestyle"; but the interesting thing is that it has put a lot of technology in such a small space.

Honda e

Its most futuristic feature is the mirrors, which are not mirrors but cameras that retransmit to two screens inside the vehicle. Vehicle lines are cleaner without mirrors, no doubt; Although it's the kind of thing you don't realize until they tell you.

Of course, the interior of the Honda e is dominated by screens, but even in that sense it is special. It is a huge digital panel, covering practically the entire length of the dashboard; It is composed of five independent screens, two of them 12.3 inches and dedicated to both the instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

Interior of the Honda e

Interior of the Honda e


This digital dashboard, as Honda calls it, has allowed us to adopt absolute minimalism in the rest of the interior, although many people will be happy to continue seeing buttons for climate control.

The Honda e can already be booked in some European countries (among which there is no Spain), and although there is no official release date, it will probably be in 2020. It will be the first electric of many, since Honda intends that in the 2025 100% of its sales in Europe are from electric or hybrid cars.

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