A system that recommends music based on our personality

by admin-kervin

Individual Symphony is presented as a music recommendation system based on psychological personalities.

There are many studies that indicate high correlation between personalities and gender interests, and this presented system uses a deep learning model that classifies songs by genres using the functions provided by the Spotify API.

To use it we only have to access individualsymphony.com and indicate our score in five great personality values ​​(there is an advanced way to give more details), after that we will get recommended songs for our unique personal traits. Logically, it is recommended to use the advanced mode to obtain more specific results.

It will be necessary to indicate our age and our level of openness, whether we are pleasant or not, how we are neurotic, if we are very scrupulous and what note we put in extraversion. Once the variables are scored, we will only wait a few seconds to have songs recommended especially for us.

In advanced mode it is more complicated, since there are dozens of questions that we have to answer to rate the answers and get our profile to, once done, find the recommended songs. In the image above you can see part of the advanced level questionnaire.

It is a complex issue that has been tried many times. Does the type of music we like depend on our personality, our education, our environment? We imagine that everything affects, but this application can leave us the clearest answer.

A system that recommends music based on our personality 1 A system that recommends music based on our personality 2
A system that recommends music based on our personality 3

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