Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales

by Kelvin

Do you want to recover abandoned cars without sweating? If it is a resounding yes, you will love this Abandoned Cart Pro test. In this post, we will show you exactly why Abandoned Cart Pro is the ultimate revenue generating plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Now you no longer have to deal with all these commands. You can attract customers to your store with incentives like discounts and coupons. The plugin contains all the functions you need to automatically retrieve the shopping cart in your online store.


We split the post into a few sections and then we tested the plugin because I have a copy. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

What is Abandoned Cart Pro?

Are you reading about Abandoned Cart Pro for the first time? Well, you may be wondering what it is and what it does. In one line, Abandoned Cart Pro is excellent. WordPress plugin that allows you to recover abandoned cars in your WooCommerce store.

Duh? Pretty obvious.

In other words, Abandoned Cart Pro is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to get orders that don't reach the fulfillment stage. This means that you can recoup sales (read money) that you would otherwise lose.

The plugin is easy to configure, it should be ready in a few minutes. Abandoned Cart Pro also comes with a million and one of the features that make it easy to pick up cars like A, B, C.

Best of all, the plugin works automatically in the background, attracting leads to your site with all kinds of tools, including Text, email and Facebook news.

Why do people leave their cars at your online store?

There are many reasons why users leave their shopping carts, but troubleshooting is not an easy task. Plug-in Abandoned Cart Pro helps you overcome this disruption in your conversion funnel by reducing your exemptions.

It is the perfect tool for your efforts to optimize your conversion rate. If a user leaves the shopping cart for any reason, they can return it to their online store with this add-on.

The plugin has many other features and settings, but we reserve it for the features section below. When all is said and done, Abandoned Cart Pro is the only plugin you need to recover abandoned cars like a pro.

Abandoned Pro Car Features

Recovering cars is challenging and can easily lead to a deep feeling of emptiness. Tyche Softwares, the people behind Abandoned Cart Pro, understand this. That is why they offer you all the functions you need to automate the process of monitoring your shopping cart.

Abandoned Cart Pro is popular due to features and options like:

  • Ability to send reminders of abandoned purchases to registered customers and guest shoppers (or shoppers who don't have an account on your site)
  • Possibility of sending reminders through Facebook Messages, emails or text messages that allow you to capture your leads anytime, anywhere.
  • Excellent and detailed documentation showing how to configure the plugin
  • Add a popup to the shopping cart that allows you to capture customer email addresses sooner
  • over 12 predefined and responsive email templates that you can edit and send at regular intervals. You can also create an unlimited number of templates to meet your business and branding needs (you can create an unlimited number of email templates sent at regular intervals).
  • Multiple car unit conversions let you access cars from anywhere
  • Ability to automatically grant discounts on orders when restoring an abandoned cart
  • Special coupon codes to motivate users.
  • Full integration with Aelia Currency Switcher
  • Detailed reports on follow-up activities in your shopping cart
  • 100% seamless integration with WooCommerce
  • WMPL support, which means you can communicate with users in the language they love
  • Authority to collect details of orders placed, including products placed by the user
  • An intuitive admin panel that is very easy to use.
  • Great help
  • And more features will follow in the future

How to install Abandoned Cart Pro

Setting up Abandoned Cart Pro is as easy as setting up a plugin, editing email templates, and sending reminders to your users. After downloading your copy of Abandoned Cart Pro (and making sure WooCommerce is already installed and configured with products), log in to your WordPress admin area and navigate to Plugins> Add new as shown in the image below.

next Go up there the Abandoned Cart Pro zip file that you downloaded earlier by clicking Select the file Button. Then press the button Install Now and later Activate roll the ball.

The plugin will redirect you to a new page where you can add your license key. Adding a license key gives you automatic updates and support.

Abandoned Professional Card for Woocommerce License Key

Enter your license key in the box shown above and press the button next Button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the welcome screen (see figure below).

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 1

Beat him Click here to go to the abandoned shopping cart page Button to configure your settings and restore cars!

Abandoned Cart Settings Pro

If you didn't click the quick link, you can also access it from the Abandoned Cart Pro admin window Abandoned cars WooCommerce submenu.

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 2

From here you can configure all the important options to restore the shopping cart.

You can:

  • Enable / disable emails from abandoned shopping carts
  • Set the foreclosure time for registered customers / guests (this is the time that must elapse before an abandoned shopping cart is considered).
  • Define the days that will elapse before the orders are automatically deleted.
  • Enable tracking

Add to cart popup editor

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 3

This option allows you to enable and customize the "Add to cart" popup that appears when the user clicks Add to cart Button. The popup helps you collect emails early so you can use the plugin to track customers leaving their shopping carts.


Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 4

the templates On the previous screen, you can create and customize an unlimited number of email templates to send to users who leave a shopping cart.

By default, you get three pre-trained templates that you can use 15 minutes, 1 Hours and 24 hours after leaving the shopping cart. Thanks 11 ready-to-use templates and many options like the following, you can customize standard templates for your heart's content:

  • the evidence
  • Abandoned Vehicle Production Information.
  • Show shopping cart and payment buttons

You can also stick to WooCommerce's default layout, which means you have plenty of options when creating email templates.

You can also customize your SMS notifications and the reminders you send Facebook Messenger.

Canceled orders

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 5

Here you can see all the abandoned cars. If a potential customer adds products but does not complete the purchase, they will have access to your email address, name, shopping cart amount and more.

Restored orders

recovered orders

The screen above shows all the abandoned cars that the plugin picks up while you're away. The shopping cart is automatically retrieved using email templates. However, you can send a personalized recovery / reminder email to your users if necessary.

Reminders sent

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 6

This tab shows statistics sent and opened by email / SMS and similar details. Above all, this is an easy way to track effective email tracking. You can quickly see how many emails links were sent, opened, and clicked. Based on this data, you can improve your templates accordingly to improve shopping cart recovery.

Product report

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 7

This shows how often a product has been canceled or accessed. Here you will find information about the effectiveness of your reminders, the price of the product and the campaigns you have carried out. If a product is regularly recalled, there may be a red flag that changes are needed (something you would never have known without Abandoned Cart Pro).


abandoned dash professional truck

You can access your analyzes from the main administration window. Pretty neat, right? Complete with detailed reports so you can see how everything works.

And even if we don't cover it above, it's Frequently asked questions and support The tab is the right place if you need help.

Demonstrations for testing abandoned cars.

Do you want to try it before buying? Tyche Software offers live demos that allow you to test Abandoned Cart Pro as a back-end client and administrator through the user interface.

Administrator demo test Front demo test


How much does all this genius cost you? If you made it this far, the developers will offer you some price packs as shown below.

Abandoned Cart Review Pro: Get Autopilot Sales 8

There are three available right now:

  • Single business license for $ 119.00
  • Five Store License for $ 199.00
  • Unlimited store license for $ 249.00

Please note that Abandoned Cart Pro licenses are annual, but there is a 50% discount on automatic renewals.

Get Abandoned Cart Pro

users score

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is extremely easy to configure without writing code. Just point and click to select options. It also contains many reports that you can use to keep track of them. No wonder people love it.

People love Abandoned Cart Pro and not only the plugin but also the excellent support that developers offer. Here are some testimonials.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro – This is an excellent and useful plugin. I can better retain customers who visit my website and don't place an order. The plugin is easy to configure and I have always received great support. Keep up the good work on the Tyches software! – Bess Obarotimi from Synatel Designs, VeeandJade.com

So …

The abandoned cart plugin worked very well for us, it's a great investment. We have received many requests to pay for installation costs, and now we are only making a profit. Tyche also provided excellent customer support when necessary. I can only recommend your services. "- Bassam Jalgha, CTO Band Industries Inc. https://www.roadietuner.com/

Another Please …

Great support Easy to set up works fine. Will update and improve it if necessary 🙂 – Luca Franken

Last word on Abandoned Cart Pro

Stop losing sales in the form of abandoned cars and improve your conversion rates and results with the Abandoned Cart Pro plugin for WooCommerce.

The plugin is easy to configure and use. And if you have a problem, you can feel calm thanks to the excellent support from Tyche Software.

Abandoned Cart Pro comes with a number of unique features that allow you to catch any abandoned cart and automatically retrieve orders. This sets it apart from the competition and makes it one of the best (if not the best) abandoned shopping cart additions on the market.

What do you think Abandoned Cart Pro is the ultimate WordPress shopping cart plugin? If not, what is your favorite shopping cart recovery plugin? Tell us what you think about in the comment section below.