Access all iOS 8 shortcuts with Aoraki

by Kelvin

Aoraki, the tweak that puts all iOS 8 shortcuts at your fingertips

It is available through Cydia a new tweak for iPhone with iOS 8 and the Jailbreak called Aoraki, this will allow us to have access to all the system shortcuts that are available in iOS 8 with a simple touch and through a single panel. Learn more about this tweak, next to us, below.

Access all iOS 8 shortcuts with Aoraki 3

What is the Aoraki tweak for iPhone?

Once we have installed this tweak on the iPhone with Jailbreak, we can find a virtual button of Aoraki in green and which will allow us to access a panel through which we can access iOS shortcuts on any screen of the iPhone operating system. Thanks to this it will be possible to quickly access actions or system settings.


The green button through which it is activated Aoraki can be located anywhere on the iPhone screen, so that it does not bother while using the device on the Home screen or any other screen. The Settings panel of this tweak is quite complete and allows us to modify the dimensions and, if necessary, customize the shortcuts panel.

In short, the Aoraki tweak for iPhone with Jailbreak it will permit you:

  • Compose quickly through WhatsApp, iMessage, Mail, Twitter Y Facebook.
  • Direct message for images in Twitter.
  • Share system files.
  • Share music directly from the Music application.
  • Share photos quickly.
  • Panel with shortcuts.
  • Quick access to the camera.
  • Search through services such as Amazon, App Store, eBay, Reddit, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.
  • Restart, shut down, boot in safe mode and more, quickly.

These among other features, of course, are many options that could possibly make this tweak something complicated to use for many users.

Download Aoraki tweak for iPhone

If you are interested in this tweak, you can install Aoraki through Cydia in the BigBoss repository for $ 1.99, approximately € 1.76. To download this tweak it is necessary to have an Internet connection to download the necessary packages for its installation, in addition, an iOS device with jailbreak is required, if you have not already done so and are interested, you can Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with our guides for Mac computers and Windows.

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