According Apple, the Jailbreak literally breaks the iPhone

by Kelvin

Apple continues its fight against Jailbreak saying it breaks iOS devices

As we know, recently in the United States the Jailbreak has been declared as a legal practice. However, despite this Apple continues his personal battle against the famous modification of his mobile operating system, iOS, and now it does so by informing users that it could break the device and invalidate their warranty. In addition to this, through Reddit comes a news from a user who discovered an interesting paragraph in the purchase policies of the products of Apple in which the jailbreak is expressly mentioned.

According Apple, the Jailbreak literally breaks the iPhone 4

Apple includes in its policies a paragraph where it ensures that the Jailbreak breaks the iPhone

Reedit user DurianNinja found a curious argument about the Jailbreak which is available through the page on the sale policies of iOS products, like the iPhone and iPad, of Apple in the U.S. This states the following:


Making unauthorized modifications to the software on an iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement. The common term for modifying an iPhone is jail-breaking, with a particular emphasis on the second part of that term. That is why we strongly, almost emphatically, recommend that you do not. Really. If you cannot use your iPhone due to unauthorized software modification, your repair will not be covered by the warranty.

As we can see, Apple makes special emphasis on the term Break which is included in the word Jailbreak and which means break, in addition to adding at the end of Really with the intention of give greater importance to the danger of Jailbreak. All those users who do the Jailbreak, like those who do not, know that problems can arise when executing the Jailbreak, although it is also true that these can always be resolved after restoring the device, since There are very rare occasions that hardware problems really arise from doing the jailbreak or because of Cydia or some tweak installed.

According Apple, the Jailbreak literally breaks the iPhone 5

To avoid problems with the iPhone and Jailbreak warranty, just restore

Of course, Apple It is also your right to deny technical assistance to devices that have made the Jailbreak, since this is a condition that the user accepts along with many others when buying a device, however we can remember that in the event that hardware problems arise, it will only be enough to restore the device with Jailbreak in order to get the warranty «back» to take effect on the iPhone, in this way the support service will not be able to distinguish if the device at some time will have undergone some type of software modification with the Jailbreak, although this process may leave some type of trace, the Genius will not investigate its existence.

In short, with this Apple Try to fight the Jailbreak by making users believe that it can cause problems in the hardware of the iPhone and iPad, which is not true. Which makes it one of the most curious strategies against Jailbreak that you have used Apple Until now.

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